Наполнение сайта контентом и товарами

Automatic content filling of your online store

One of the important features of the Elbuz Jumper program is the simple and quick addition of products to the site. The program allows you to fill the site with products with photos, descriptions, characteristics in 1 day!

  • There is no human factor.
  • No mistakes.
  • Cheaper than a full-time content developer or freelancer.
  • High speed of filling the online store with high-quality product cards.

Your task is to control the process of the program, check the result and make a decision about saving the received data. Feel the increase in profits from the first days of use. Minimize costs and get the most out of your company's current resources.

Where to get goods for the online store?

The source for receiving products can be:

  • supplier prices;
  • parsing the websites of suppliers, competitors, trading platforms;
  • ready-made content databases.

For all of the above options, it is possible to quickly obtain content using an automation program: downloading price lists in any structures and formats, setting up a parser to extract data from any sites. Correction of data "on the fly" under your standards. Scheduled download. Visual control of the received data with the ability to update the online store after your verification.

Program cost


Cost, EUR

Unit of Account

Base rate for 50,000 items (your own or from price lists)


1 month

The cost of storing 1 product with a database volume of more than 50,000 products

0. 000058

1 item *

Automated download of information from sites through parsing with saving to the BC product card: photos, videos, characteristics, descriptions


1 item

Unlimited mode for downloading information from sites through parsing


1 month

Using the Jumper server for data parsing with the ability to download in the background multi-threaded mode on a schedule


1 request

AI Text Generator


1000 tokens (~3000 characters)

Upload files with photos via links for storage in the cloud storage


1 month for 5GB

Additional access for the work of the 1st user


1 month

Installing and configuring CMS for the operation of an online store on your personal hosting


one time

Obtaining products and prices of competitors from third-party sites

for free

unlimited mode

Unlimited mode for all functions (products, parsing, users, etc. )***


1 month

* the cost is calculated with a period of 1 day for the number of goods stored in one of the subsystems "Basic catalog" or "Price lists" (more quantity is selected).

** when updating photos and attributes for products of the base catalog based on the products of downloaded sites through parsing, an additional payment of € 0.05 per product is taken.

*** The minimum period for using the unlimited mode is 1 year. The maximum number of products is 1000000 in one of the "Basic catalog" or "Price lists" subsystems (a larger number is selected). If the maximum number of goods is exceeded, the cost of the service increases by the cost of the unlimited mode (a multiple of 1000000).




Cost, EUR

Unit of Account

Setting up a site parser to receive product cards: photos, characteristics, descriptions, prices and availability.

from 75


Setting up receiving data from the provider's API.

from 200


Setting up integration with the site through the Elbuz Tunnel module



Customization of the system according to the needs of the customer


in 1 hour

Restoring a deleted account



Extended support *


1 month

* support includes consultation by means of e-mail. mail for the purpose of providing assistance and training when working with the Elbuz Jumper platform.

The cost of filling the site in the program

Manual labor is a thing of the past, replaced by a robot that automates the process of filling the site. As a result, there are clear savings for the business owner, because the cost of obtaining good content is 10 times lower than attracting employees who work the old fashioned way.

The cost of adding a product card to the site

  • Manual price 0. 35€.
  • Through the program the price is €0.05

The difference is 600% !

Monthly costs

  • Salary for an employee € 500 (average market price).
  • Program rental €87.

The difference is 800% !

Time to fill the online store with goods

  • Manually no more than 100 cards in 1 day.
  • Program from 2000 cards in 1 day.

The difference is 1900% !

You save not only money, but also time!

Get demo access for 14 days for free
The platform balance will be 50EUR. Unloading of 100 products + full functionality is available.


Integration with any platform and placement of content on any site

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The cost of the full version of the program, including the option of filling the site with content

We offer to rent the system. The cost is indicated for the entire program as a whole, which includes the entire set of useful functions for automating an online store.



System rental

Price from €2.89 per day

Fill out the form to calculate an individual rate.

Get 14 days free



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The procedure for automatically adding content to products

To add descriptions and photos to the products of your online store, you need to upload a list of your products to the Elbuz Jumper system, launch an automatic search for descriptions on third-party sites, check the search result and save it (add content to your products), then upload it to your website or file received data.

Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by a video description


Start an automatic search for descriptions on third-party sites


Check search result

  • Map source site attributes to your attributes (if necessary)
  • Save the received data, that is, add content to your products

Why choose Elbuz?

Thousands of customers trust us; we offer unique features and favorable conditions for their use.


18 years of success

Elbuz developer company was founded in 2006. More than 10,000 clients worldwide.

Own software

For more than 18 years we have been creating a unique and complex IT system with a high intellectual component.

Warranties and service

We guarantee the quality of our software and the system as a whole. We provide high-quality technical services. support.

Flexible pricing policy

Your investment will pay off in 1 month, your income will cover the costs!

Individual approach

Each implementation project that we carry out is individual!
System setup work is kept to a minimum.


All data is stored on a secure server, information is not disclosed.

Filling the site with content and products

How to fill the site with content

A series of articles "How to create an online store with the ability to automate content filling"

We continue the series of articles about creating an online store and updating its assortment. We have already considered the initial stage of choosing and installing the engine, the stage with problems and solutions to the issue of the relevance of prices and the availability of products on your online storefront, as you know, products for an online store are a basic concept, you need to initially fill the site with products in order to start selling, without it in any way. The cost of filling the site with content in automatic mode is ten times cheaper than attracting content managers, it would be more reasonable to involve a content manager to control the automatic filling of the site than adding products to the site manually.
Users still want to know more about you, for this you create information pages where you indicate how you deliver orders, where you can receive them, what warranty obligations you take on and where your office or store is located, a list of service centers. You may not indicate all this, small sellers often act like this, but by doing this you will lower the coefficient of trust in your company and, as a result, you will lose some of your customers. This is tantamount to the fact that you open a store and do not hang a sign, work hours and will not advise anyone. Sales will be corresponding to such actions. The decision is yours, but remember - more data about you - more trust - more customers.

You can also talk about how to keep a client by subscribing to a newsletter, using a loyalty program, but this will be a topic for a separate article, we have a lot to tell in the field of online sales.

Website content

Content for the site is a text description of the product, technical specifications, photos and videos. For the site visitor, the content is presented to get acquainted with the product. Many web studios, freelancers offer a content management service, that is, filling the site with unique content, but not everyone can offer automated filling of the content site with data verification.

Any information that the site offers to the user should be useful, a product card without content is doomed to sales failure. A site filled with content makes people stop and click the “Buy” button. The level of sales is also influenced by factors such as ease of perception and clarity of content, as well as how quickly new products appear on the site with a full-fledged product card, and not just displaying the name of the product and its price.

The level of store performance is determined by its content, how to create content that will attract users and help increase sales?

  • Unique content for the site.
    Text content must be unique. It must be remembered that uniqueness in itself does not guarantee quality. Sales are boosted by high-quality, interesting author's texts that are easy to read and contain useful information. The exception is the technical characteristics of the product, which are indicated by the manufacturer of the product, they are unchanged, for example, if the screen diagonal is 50", then it will be indicated on all sites as the screen diagonal 50", but few people know that here you can add a unique content, you just need to add a text description of the "Diagonal" feature itself, this description will be available only on your site, a life hack that not everyone knows about.
  • Informativeness (awareness for the buyer)
    There are a lot of superficial product pages on the Internet from which the reader cannot get any useful information. Content must be useful, informative and professionally prepared.
  • Literacy
    Low literacy rates are another problem for many sites. A heavy, difficult to understand language, an abundance of stylistic and spelling errors greatly undermine the credibility of the resource, and when there are still errors in those. in the description of the goods, this leads to a large number of returns, just imagine, you bought a TV on a site where the diagonal is 50 ", and you were brought 46", what are your actions? Therefore, we recommend you the Elbuz Jumper program to automatically receive content directly from manufacturers' websites.
  • Submission and design of content
    A massive text block without a chapter break, without illustrations and supporting materials is hard to read. A thoughtful presentation of content is very important - it helps to focus the reader's attention on the main elements of the site, to highlight the most important parts of it. For example, the technical characteristics of a product can be arranged in the form of a beautiful table using the automated Elbuz Jumper generator, in which you can specify the design style and general structure.

Where to get products to fill the online store and free website content

Where do online stores get goods? Absolutely all owners of online stores come to this topic. Goods for an online store can be obtained from suppliers' prices, suppliers' websites, or even taken from competitors' websites to fill your website with content. Your primary task is to receive from the supplier a list of relevant products with prices and availability, in any form, then our program will take over all routine operations, filling the site with content is a simple task for it.

So, if you have a small assortment and everything that you sell is in stock, then this is easier, you can manually describe the characteristics and advantages of your products, take high-quality photos. But what if there are thousands of goods? Product description for an online store is usually taken from other existing catalogs. We would like to note that now we are talking about electronics, household appliances, tires for cars. That is, about those positions that have certain standards and markings. Do you understand what we are talking about? This means that all descriptions can be easily added to your catalog too! What are the ways to do this?

Options for filling the site with content are as follows:

  • Option 1
    Manually. Yes, yes, this method is quite effective in terms of error control and uniqueness, but it is the longest. Only large trading platforms can afford to hire 50-100 people who will only look for photos and create descriptions for goods. Now imagine how much it will cost for such an army of workers? Represented? Expensive? And we think so.
  • Option 2
    With the help of scripts. Now, for many modern engines, systems are offered as additional modules that, by the name of the product, will search for its characteristics on the Internet. But it is worth noting that there are practically no such modules that work stably. There are too many nuances to take into account when creating them and constantly update search algorithms, maintain up-to-date versions of server interpreters. Are you ready for this? Not? Move on.
  • Option 3
    You can buy ready-made databases of products with descriptions. Order content writing for websites. Let's say we bought it. And then what? Will you be sure that the database is up-to-date and the products in it are of recent years? Most often, such bases are sold with outdated characteristics and with electronics that are no longer produced. Everything will need to be checked. Well, do not forget that you need a real assortment that is in stock. That is, after all, first we place our proposals, and then we will look for descriptions for them. Where can I get content, maybe there is a content generator for the site?
  • Option 4
    Order site content. Let's say that you contacted a company that will create all the necessary content. But new products are constantly appearing, who will track them and add characteristics to them?
  • Option 5
    Parsers. These are applications that are able, according to a given program, to collect the necessary information for you from specific source sites. You will then need to process the result and place it in your database. Ready for it? Of course, you can order an individual parser, but this way we return to Option 2 and all its problems. Monitor competitors' prices through website parsing.

What difficulties may arise?

  • Integration
    There is a website, there is a directory. How can we take a list of products and add the necessary data to them? Can be uploaded to excel. You can manually open cards in the admin panel and edit them. The layout of the descriptions should be the same so that the site looks attractive and people willingly place orders. Agree, you cannot do such an effective thing through the administrative panel and Excel import. And finally, how to keep track of products that have already added descriptions and which do not yet have?
  • Filtration
    In the future, you'll want to add filters to your product categories. For example, in the list of refrigerators, it is necessary to divide them into those that have a defrosting system no frost and no. Or if you are selling gas boilers, the client will want to separate them into wall and floor. You remember that the more convenient your site is for the user, the sooner he will become your buyer. We lead to the fact that correctly created characteristics can become elements of a data filtering system.
  • Showcase Display
    For example, your site is under active content filling and you want to show visitors only those offers that already have a photo and description. Or as an example, for some products you want to display only photos and nothing else. This is where the work for the programmer appears, and you wanted free content for the site.

Solution with Elbuz Jumper

Filling an online store with products is now easier than ever, because everything that we have considered above has already been taken into account in the modern Elbuz Jumper program, which was created to search and create descriptions for products in an online store. This is an assistant that will contain all the information about the product catalog. Even in case of problems with the site, it remains possible to quickly create a new one and upload your content to it. Uploading products to the site will work perfectly in tandem with the module for updating the store - Elbuz Tunnel. You can contact any engine without any problems:

elbuz etrade jumper import data tunnel

Filters are always at hand that will prompt the current visual statistics for your catalog

Filling the site with content and products

Particular attention deserves the search for content in automatic mode among reputable directories (for example, the well-known Yandex Market, hotline, Rozetka)

Filling the site with content and products

After searching in automatic mode, it is possible to check the results of the program for full quality control. At the top you see your list of products, at the bottom of the products that were found on a third-party site, on the right is a product card from the source site with a photo, description and characteristics. Your task is to check the result and press only 1 "Save" button. It is also possible to match your characteristics with the characteristics of the source site, if they have different names, so as not to create new ones and save the values into your characteristics.

Filling the site with content and products

Convenient addition of descriptions for product cards is possible in the manual search mode. The source site is displayed on the right, from where the program automatically takes data and saves it to your database (shown on the left in the picture). Before saving the values of the characteristics, you can adjust them to your standards or prescribe ready-made templates for autocorrecting values that will work automatically for you.

Filling the site with content and products

Elbuz Jumper also solves such a problem as creating filters for products in an online store. In the reference book of characteristics, you can specify the categories in which filters will be displayed on the site. And then check the created values for filtering and quickly add them if they are missing:

Filling the site with content and products

Agree, quite convenient and thoughtful implementation. And we have not told about all the possibilities, for example, you can search for video descriptions too! Over time, you just don’t understand how you can fill the store with descriptions in other ways.

Filling the online store with capacious descriptions that give a complete picture of the products will allow you to increase the sales of the presented products by an order of magnitude.

Unique content for the site

  1. Buyers are much more willing to purchase products that they can study in great detail - comprehensive information available for review has a powerful psychological impact, causing a desire to own a particular thing.
  2. Content is one of the most important components of an online store and helps to form a positive image of the site.
  3. The buyer will return again, knowing that it is on this resource that you can find all the characteristics of the product of interest to him.

Where to get products for the online store?

Placing content on a site that hosts hundreds, if not thousands of products, is quite difficult to fill with meaningful and high-quality content. At least manually. Automation or partial automation of this process can significantly speed up the placement of descriptions.

Where to get content for the site? Today, dozens of software solutions are available that allow you to effortlessly find and add product descriptions after filling the site with goods. One of the most effective parsers is the Elbuz Jumper grabber system, which makes it possible to collect the necessary data in authoritative sources - information and reference systems (Yandex Market, Hotline UA, Rozetka, Onliner BY, Nadavi and others) - and place them in product cards on your site, while the cost of filling the site will be very low.

The program not only copies the characteristics of the product, but also performs their structuring - the data will be "sent" to the appropriate fields, and not just transferred to the site in solid text, posting content on the site becomes a simple task. With the help of Elbuz Jumper, the developer will quickly create faceted navigation (filters), making it easier for visitors to accurately find products and increase the likelihood of making a purchase. You will receive unique content for the site.

For what purposes can a parser program be used to fill an online store with goods?

  • Increase in sales.
    As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a full description of the product makes it more attractive and desirable in the eyes of the client.
  • Development of a client base.
    The buyer will definitely note the conformity of the specified characteristics of the product with the real state of affairs upon receipt of the products and will contact you again!
  • Budget savings.
    The parser program will significantly reduce the cost of filling an online store with products and their descriptions.

What exactly affects the good trading of an online store or website? What features of trading on the Internet should be taken into account when filling the site with products and services in order to experience a significant profit as a result, which, it would seem, could not be in principle? Store owners themselves, administrators and site managers often do not think about this and do not pay much attention to it, not even realizing how much their profit depends on filling out the product card of an online store.

Many of them are used to working "the old fashioned way", believing that by posting a photo of a product on the site, indicating its price and a brief description, this will be enough for successful trading. It would seem that the buyer is provided with all the necessary information so that he can evaluate the product, see the corresponding price, and make a decision to purchase this product.

But it is not always the case.

3 benefits of having a quality product description in an online store

There are a number of factors that directly affect the sales of products in online stores, as well as the purchasing power of each individual store, namely:

  • the first and banal reason is an unreasonably high price for a product or service compared to other competing sites;
  • the absence or weak filling of the catalog of your online store with new products, which significantly reduces the range of goods, which means that the buyer is limited in choice, as a result, he is forced to go to similar sites and make the necessary purchases there;
  • one of the most important details of the site: it is a product card from the catalog of the online store. The more high-quality, normal-sized photos it contains, emphasizing or displaying one or another feature of the product, its ergonomics, natural color, functionality, etc. , the more positive the first impression of a person making a choice from the provided assortment of products will be. Assessing the external features of the product, the buyer, according to statistics, is already 50-70% inclined to buy, of course, if he is satisfied with the price. But in addition to photographs, it should be noted that the quality content of the product card also affects the successful sale of the product. Detailed characteristics, model, article, name and full description of the product and its capabilities significantly increase the interest of the buyer, which increases the sales of the store as a whole.

What conclusion can be drawn from the incomplete list of factors given above? Factors influencing not only the growth of trade, but also the successful business development of a website or an online store?

How long will it take to fill the online store with content?

High-quality and timely filling of the online store catalog with products and services is the initial key to success in sales.

Filling the site with content and products dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Here it is necessary to note the fact that with the development of trade on the Internet, many firms and organizations have appeared that provide services for filling the online store with goods. But not many of them can fully and promptly update or fill online stores with goods, and even more so perform more complex site maintenance work; for example, process supplier price lists, add extended product descriptions with detailed specifications and photos, promptly adjust prices in case of exchange rate changes, and so on. Based on the positive feedback on the Internet regarding the scope of activities for filling the content of sites and online stores, it is necessary to note the ElbuzGroup company as one of the leaders in the market for providing services in the field of filling online stores with content. The company has copyright licensed software, which consists of three separate programs, the use of which in combination helps not only to provide high-quality service to the online store, but also independently, as needed and desired, to expand its scope of activities, increasing trade, the range of goods, and the quantity sales.

The cost of filling the site with content and products

The market value of manually filling the site with content and products is €0. 35 per 1 product card.
That is, for 100 product cards you will pay €35.
When using the Elbuz Jumper automation program, the cost will be €0.05 per 1 item.
That is, for 100 product cards you will pay €5. Your savings in 7 times!
Do not forget about the speed of work, the program will add content for 100 product cards in 5 minutes, a person will need 1 day for manual and painstaking work.
But that's not all, the program has an unlimited mode of operation, this is when you pay a small fixed amount and add descriptions to tens of thousands of products, how do you like this offer?

ElbuzGroup provides its partners with all the necessary conditions for the successful conduct and development of business. By automating the analysis of price lists of suppliers and competitors, processing them, filling the catalog of the online store with content: photographs, descriptions and characteristics of goods, providing customers with the author's base of product cards, which is systematically replenished and has more than one million (!) Products, the ElbuzGroup company on average increases partners' profits by 32% and does it quickly!

Given the above facts, the conclusion is obvious - the use of professional software allows not only to increase profits, but also to successfully develop the activities of your trading enterprise!

Remember, only high-quality content of the site's product catalog is the result of successful trading of the online store as a whole!

Do you have any suggestions, suggestions or questions? We are ready to help you promptly, write to us now.

Filling the site with content and products dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

How many thousands of words and hundreds of pictures are required to fill an extensive site! Huge work! What to do in order not to turn content filling into a fairy tale about wasted time? It's simple - to master the automatic filling of the online store! The most valuable thing in business is time. We value the time of our clients, and we will help you to use every minute to your advantage.

We have mastered the art of creating an online store to perfection. Our programmers have written a program that will take care of everything. It uses all the best that thousands of people have invented to seduce, lure, lure the buyer, read his mind and offer exactly what he wants! Do you think it's fantasy? No, it's science! Our clients know about it.

A systematic approach to the art of sales is based on knowledge of the psychology of the buyer and the ability to put this knowledge into practice, only the automation of an online store will help you become a market leader.

Automatic filling of the site is the subject of close attention of our talented specialists. For nine years, we have always kept our finger on the pulse of IT technologies.

For example, you have a wonderful, beautiful website. How to manage it? How to keep track of prices, upload photos, create catalogs, update prices? Do you think you need to hire a staff of content managers or urgently look for content specialists? None of this is needed. Our software product will take care of all the hassle.

Filling the site with content and products dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Automatic filling of the site with content - a minimum of time and a maximum of result.

Our pride: Elbuz Jumper a software product for filling websites. What is it for? To quickly fill the store and a large site with photos and descriptions through a parser, create a filter for products or services.

The built-in parser will automatically find, collect, analyze the information and give the finished result.
What Jumper can do:

  • add description and photo;
  • create a template according to the characteristics;
  • description generator creates unique product descriptions;
  • update the site online, in a few minutes;
  • apply a search filter.

Maybe you think that you do not need to buy and master the program and it is much easier to order content for the site? Perhaps this is reasonable if you are going to upload content and forget about it for a long time. Well, it's hanging out somewhere on the net, it seems to be there, and it's good. To support the image. But! A site that is not updated will not work! Search engines only promote active sites forward.

Now imagine an online store or a website of a large seller of any product with large price lists. Prices change, items are added/removed, a new product arrives every week, which means new photos are needed, etc.

The filling of the online store with goods occurs constantly. What about promotions, discounts, competitor price monitoring? With this amount of information processing, what kind of invoice will you receive from the company you contact? Ready to pay for it constantly, every month, always? You just calculate how much it will result in in the end, and how much extra time and nerves will be spent on it. Any intermediary link will increase the time it takes to fill in content.

To save money, time and fully control the process - just buy the right program. The program for the online store will help you with this!

And filling the site will take minutes, not hours!

Filling the site with content and products dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

Use our Elbuz Jumper program and you will get the best price processing and analysis tool.
What Jumper will do for you:

  • will process and compare the prices of suppliers and competitors;
  • identify new products from suppliers and add them to your website;
  • will reduce the positions of the goods;
  • will create margins for products taking into account the RRP;
  • control the availability of goods;
  • updates prices according to current exchange rates;
  • will create a consolidated price list.

Note that this is all automatic!

If you purchase special ElbuzGroup software, then the price of filling the site with content is equal to the cost of our program. And not a penny more.

You only pay once. And you use it all the time.

The payback period for the product is about 2 months. This term is confirmed by all our customers. For the third month of using the program, your income covers the costs of acquiring it. And it starts working for you, bringing constant profit!

Our programs are integrated with all popular CMS, 1C, marketplaces. The built-in parser of product descriptions includes common information and reference systems. Our software provides fast filling of the site, the cost of ordering such a service will no longer be relevant for you. The program will do everything, you do not need to hire anyone or look for specialists.

Learning the program is easy! And if something is not clear, our experts and technical support will help you figure it out.

Filling the site with content and products dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

For those who work in the field of Internet services, we offer a profitable affiliate program based on discounts for bulk purchases of our products. You can find the terms of the affiliate program on our website.

All trending trends of modern online stores and websites are embodied in our software products. We know everything about what modern business needs in the worldwide web. We know how to reduce operating costs and remove routine from the duties of a content manager. We constantly analyze the market and use the results in our developments. New: Text generator from keywords .

Our clients are always one step ahead of the competition!

How to save time and money on filling the site?

Have you decided to start your business on the Internet? Open your own online store and work for yourself, making a profit? But it can take a long time from idea to implementation. During this period, you may have competitors, even change economic conditions. In this article, we will tell you about how you can quickly launch a selling online store.

Online store is a profitable business

More and more customers prefer online shopping

According to J'son & Partners Consulting experts, in 2014 the volume of the e-commerce market exceeded 683 billion rubles and has been growing by an average of 42. 5% per year over the past 5 years.

A Nielsen study showed that the most favorite online purchases among Russians are: air tickets (38%), event tickets (39%), clothes and shoes (38%). Elsewhere, the popular categories are mostly the same: flights (48%), clothing and footwear (46%), tour and hotel bookings (44%), and event tickets (41%).

Filling the site with content and products dropshipping suppliers aliexpress amazon shopify best beginners apps products ebay wix distributors how to start business vendors stores alibaba compares your prices orders for suppliers create catalog

When choosing a direction, study the demand for a product or service. Determine who are your main competitors, what are their advantages. The main thing when choosing a niche: you should be interested in your business. Then you will move mountains!

What do you need to create an online store?

So, you have decided what you want to do. What do you need to set up an online store?

Trading platform - site. What are the requirements for a store website?

  1. Attractive design.
  2. Ease of site navigation.
  3. A user-friendly product rubricator.
  4. Availability of a feedback form, all contact details.
  5. Good description of goods. Not only from the point of view of the Russian language, but also from the point of view of website promotion.
  6. Filling the online store.

Do not expect profit without competent website content

At the stage of filling your site, many people stumble. For some reason, it is believed that filling an online store with products will be enough only in terms of indicating the name and price. Writing descriptions, adding photos is already a secondary matter.

It's not like that at all. Why?

If you look from the point of view of the growth of the position of the site in the search engine results.

The place where the site appears at the request of the user determines its attendance. 98% (think about this number!) do not even go to the second page of the issue. At the same time, most users choose a site that is on one of the first three lines of the TOP-10. How will a search engine find your store if there are no words on its pages from which the user made a request?

If you look from the point of view of the interests of the user.

Any person buying a product on the Internet will opt for the site where there is a full description of the product, its photo, reviews about it and other information. Detailed characteristics of the product, several high-quality photos increase the potential customer's confidence in the store. The more detailed the description of the product, the more likely it is that your visitor will become a buyer.

What are the solutions?

  • Sit down and fill the site yourself. In this case, you will save, but lose a lot of time and, perhaps, will not achieve the desired effect in website promotion.
  • Order the content of the site in the company, from a professional content manager. The price for filling the site with content can differ significantly, while, unfortunately, it does not always affect the quality of work.
  • To automate the process of adding products to the site, editing prices, creating descriptions for each item, you need a program for an online store .

What are the advantages of automatic filling of an online store and how does it work?

How an incomplete product card should look like in an online store

How an incomplete product card should look like in an online store

The program for uploading products to an online store performs an automated search for product descriptions in available sources. Not only text descriptions are searched, but also photos, video content.

Sources for obtaining descriptions are sites located in the Yandex Market catalog. From there texts, photos are taken. The number of photos is not limited.

In the program, you can set up different search filters, select only newly added products, add features forks. When searching for products in Yandex, words that can interfere with the search are automatically removed from the name. It becomes as accurate as possible.

By setting a specific filter to search for the descriptions you need, you can easily fill in all the technical specifications of the product. Verbal descriptions can be made unique using the description generator built into the software product.

Everything happens in a matter of minutes. As a result, you will receive an online store in which information about all products is 100% complete. You can always update product descriptions, add new photos and videos. If the site management system has changed, descriptions are transferred to the new engine without problems.

The program automatically maintains a directory of categories and characteristics of goods. By default, parameters such as manufacturer, name, description with photo, model, article are set.

By using such a product to fill an online store in automatic mode, you carry out professional filling of the site, the cost of which will not affect your budget in the least. Monitoring competitors' prices will allow you to outperform your competitors.

All received data is formed into a single database and is ready for uploading. The file format is suitable for working with any site. You can save data in formats: XML, CSV, HTML, SQL. Photos and videos are saved as links. Then upload the data file to your website. On the site you will see the completed parameters of the product, its photo and video. And that's it, the store is ready to go.

Advantages of the program for automatic site filling:

  • automatic filling of product cards in the online store;
  • you can create templates with the parameters that you need to specify for you;
  • high speed of work, many times greater than the productivity of manual labor;
  • compatibility with any CMS sites;
  • generation of descriptions, their uniqueization;
  • simple interface, the user with any level of training can work with the program;
  • you no longer need to spend money every time you need to administer the site. You can do all the work of adding new products to the site, making changes to descriptions and photos, adding video content almost instantly.

In order to evaluate all the advantages of automatically filling the site with content, use the demo version. Try to work with our product, we are sure that you will like it! Just imagine how much you will save your time and be calm about the quality of the content on the pages of your site.

You can ask all questions about the program and its functionality to our specialists via online chat.

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