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online store

Use the cloud version of CMS OpenCart with a modern design theme and ready-made automation modules. A unique opportunity to quickly create an elegant and functional online store without the need to hire programmers and designers. Use the best - take over your competitors' audience!

Ready-made template

Start your path to success with an exclusive design template that can be easily personalized to your brand in just a few simple steps!

Responsive mobile design

The online store is responsive to various devices providing a perfect display to attract all customers.

157 ready-made modules

Ready-made extension modules allow you to create an online store according to your requirements, providing customers with maximum convenience.


🚀 Create your online store without programmers

Do you want to transform your Internet -shop into an effective and profitable business? Elbuz is your reliable partner in the world of e-commerce! Our SaaS platform offers all the necessary tools to create, develop and automate your online store.

Powerful engine based on CMS OpenCart

With Elbuz you get access to a powerful and convenient engine built on OpenCart, one of the most popular content management systems for the Internet -shops, you can easily set up your online store, add products and start selling in no time. The platform's advanced functionality and many integrations will allow you to automate workflows, synchronize data with marketplaces, and manage prices and product balances in a few clicks.

🚀 We provide cloud hosting, regular updates and high loading speeds for your peace of mind and confidence in stable operation.

🛠️ Receive personal support 24/7, update and expand the functionality of your store with the help of our team of experts.

"Elbuz gives you the opportunity to focus on your business, and not on the technical aspects of running it." - Pavel Kornelyuk, Elbuz expert.

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Get a free demo period, create your online store in just 1 hour and accelerate your business growth with our platform! 🚀

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The main problems of online stores

Owners and managers Online stores constantly face numerous challenges when creating and automating the work of their online platforms. Let's dive into the world of e-commerce and reveal what key problems businesses face and how the Elbuz platform helps solve these problems.

📦 Problem #1: Product and price management

How to quickly monitor prices, avoiding unprofitable ones? How to keep it up to date? Elbuz helps automate the accounting of goods and track their movement in real time. This greatly simplifies the inventory management process and reduces the likelihood of losing customers.

🛒 Problem #2: Effective order management

How to ensure prompt and accurate order fulfillment, minimizing errors and omissions? Elbuz provides tools to automate the processing of orders, from receipt to delivery. This speeds up the process and increases customer satisfaction.

📢 Problem No. 3: Marketing and promotion management

How to attract new customers and retain existing ones? How to organize effective marketing campaigns and analyze their results? Elbuz offers integrated tools for advertising management, analytics and marketing campaign automation. This helps increase conversions and improve the efficiency of advertising costs.

Contact Elbuz today 💡

Don't let problems limit the development of your online store, join thousands of entrepreneurs who have already made their choice in favor of Elbuz.

“Elbuz is not just a tool, it is the key to the successful launch of your online store! We decided to create our own online business, but we faced a lot of problems: from managing inventory to attracting customers. Elbuz solves everything!” - Anna Lomakina CEO.

Misconceptions When Starting an Online Store

The world of e-commerce is rapidly evolving, but there are still common misconceptions among online store owners and managers that slow down their success. Let's figure out what mistakes they make and how the Elbuz platform helps them overcome them.

Misconception No. 1: “Creating an online store is easy!”

🛑 Reality: Launching and maintaining an online store requires serious work and a professional approach. From choosing the right platform to managing products and processing orders, every step requires attention and effort.

Misconception #2: “My online store is small, I don’t need automation.”

🚀 Reality: Even small online stores need automation to streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase profits. Elbuz offers a flexible solution that scales with your business and supports its growth.

Misconception #3: "I can handle running a store manually."

💼 Reality: Manually managing an online store can lead to errors, delays, and lost potential customers. Elbuz offers smart tools to automate many tasks, freeing up your time for strategic and creative tasks.

Misconception #4: “Automation is too expensive for my business.”

💰 Reality: Not automation is too expensive for your business - non-automated errors and missed opportunities can cost much more. Elbuz offers an affordable solution that provides high efficiency and excellent value for money.

“Creating an online store is just the beginning. Effective management of it requires systematization and automation of processes.” - Ruda Vlasko, e-commerce expert, Allo. 📈
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Advantages of creating an online store using Elbuz

Have you ever wondered what 🔥 advantages online store owners and managers can have when using the Elbuz platform? Let's figure this out together!

🚀 Process automation

Elbuz offers fully automated tools for managing your online store. Forget about manual order processing and shipment tracking. Our platform takes care of all this, allowing you to focus on strategically important tasks.

💡 Increase efficiency

With Elbuz you can optimize your sales processes, improve inventory management and reduce order fulfillment times. This will help you save time and resources, and improve the overall efficiency of your business.

📈 Expand your audience

Our marketing tools will help you attract new customers and increase your audience. We offer a wide range of tools, including SEO optimization, advertising campaigns and analytics, to help you achieve maximum success in your business.

🔒 Security and Reliability

We understand how important the security of your business is. Therefore, Elbuz offers a high level of data protection and transaction security. We are working to ensure that your online store is protected from any threats.

Effective online store management is the key to success in today's online business.

Attract more customers with with the help of Elbuz!

Online store owners know how difficult it can be to run an e-commerce business. The rapid development of technology requires constant improvement of processes.

Elbuz automation platform is the answer to your problems. Our tools will help you manage all aspects of your online store, from inventory and order management to marketing campaigns and analytics.

Our customers appreciate Elbuz's ease of use and powerful functionality. We are working to make your business even more successful.

How does Elbuz help solve your problems?

  • 🏪 Simple tools for creating a website structure and filling the catalog
  • 📦 Product analytics for assortment optimization and demand forecasting
  • 📈 Analyze data and identify trends to improve sales strategies
  • 🎯 Conduct targeted marketing campaigns and increase conversions
  • 💬 Increase customer satisfaction through responsive service
  • 🔍 Built-in SEO optimization for promoting your store in search engines
  • 🎯 Tools for increasing conversion and average order bill
  • 🔄 Features for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones
  • 📈 Collection and analysis of data on sales, customers and behavior on the site
  • 👨👩👧👦 Unified customer base with history of orders and preferences
  • 💌 Tools for increasing loyalty, such as loyalty programs, coupons and mailings
  • 💳 Integration with popular payment systems and delivery services
  • 📦 Automation of order processing, invoicing and payment control
  • 🔄 Two-way data exchange with CRM, ERP and other systems
  • ⚙️ Automation of routine tasks using AI assistants
  • 🚀 Recommendations for marketing and increasing sales from e-commerce experts
  • ⚡ High page loading speed and smooth operation store
  • 🔒 Secure data storage and encryption of transactions according to the PCI DSS standard
  • 🆙 Regular platform updates and vulnerabilities fixes

Create an account and set up your store for free in 1 hour

💸 Creating a store on Elbuz will cost 10 times less than developing from scratch.

“With the help of Elbuz, we were able to reduce order processing time by 30% and increase our profits by 25%. This is truly a revolutionary tool for our business.” - Alexey Furman, owner of the InCOM online store.

Integration with systems

  • amazon
  • ebay
  • allegro
  • zalando
  • manomano
  • aliexpress
  • rozetka_ua
  • kasta
  • epicentr
  • hotline_ua
  • prom_ua
  • bol_com
  • cdiscount
  • conforama
  • cdon
  • emag
  • etsy
  • fnac
  • fruugo
  • kaufland
  • la_redoute
  • mercado_libre
  • otto
  • rue_du_commerce
  • shopee
  • spartoo
  • target
  • walmart
  • wayfair
  • wehkamp
  • wish
  • worten
  • joom
  • microsoft
  • google
  • opencart
  • shopify
  • woocommerce
  • wix
  • squarespace
  • ecwid
  • magento
  • prestashop
  • salesforce
  • bigcommerce
  • volusion

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Our tariffs, allow beginners to start a business with a minimal budget.
And large players should refuse other solutions!

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9,234 online store

Join the leader in online store automation.

Unique features and experience are our advantages for your success!

We help businesses master marketing strategies with the implementation of technical solutions.

We are experts in e-commerce, we advise on the launch and development of online stores.

Examples of created online stores

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Elbuz is a leader in creating online stores on OpenCart with professional ShowCase templates from OC...

Case of creating an online store

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Case of creating an online store

Elbuz company creates attractive online stores on the Opencart CMS using ready-made ShowCase design ...

Case of creating an online store

We create modern adaptive online stores based on CMS Opencart with premium design templates from OCT...

Case of creating an online store

Elbuz studio creates stylish online stores based on the Opencart CMS with ready-made design template...

Case of creating an online store

Elbuz studio creates attractive online stores based on OCTemplates ShowCase templates. Our projects,...

Case of creating an online store

Elbuz is a leading company creating online stores based on Opencart with unique ShowCase design temp...

Case of creating an online store

Elbuz studio creates modern online stores with responsive design on Opencart, using stylish ready-ma...

Case of creating an online store

The Elbuz team creates unique online stores based on Opencart with stunning templates from OCTemplat...

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Reviews about
automation platform

testimonial review elbuz - marta maldonado
Martha Maldonado
ChairStore Manager

"This is what I was looking for! I I'm delighted, everything was fast, easy and the support helped set it up, I recommend Elbuz to anyone who wants to launch a successful online store.

testimonial review elbuz - kasya novak
Kasia Novak
head of DressCote

I love how quickly I was able to create online store without headaches. The template looks great, the products are selling like hot cakes.

testimonial review elbuz - andry lopesek
Andri Lopesek
owner of FreshGoods

Elbuz is just space! I just started using their program for my store and I'm already seeing improvements. The basic template is fire!

testimonial review elbuz - vadim kryachko
Vadim Kryachko
head of GGalaxy

Best I've used for my store. The program is just bomb! I recommend it to everyone without a doubt!

testimonial review elbuz - alex dubua
Alessandro Dubois
head of Fashionista

The template looks modern, but it seems to me that some modules are not flexible enough, but overall it is convenient, especially for those who are just starting their business.

testimonial review elbuz - bella botichelli
Bela Boticheli
BellaBout manager

I was a little doubtful at the beginning, but after using their text generator I was convinced that this was what I needed! My store is starting to get more attention!

testimonial review elbuz - ulya redko
Yulia Redko
owner of TechHaven

Previously, I spent a lot of time updating the assortment and controlling prices. Now everything is automated, site parsing and change notifications are what I really need.

testimonial review elbuz - roman kobirec
Roman Kobyrets
head of HalfAppl

I love how easy it is to compare prices from suppliers and monitor product availability. Integration with suppliers is just the bomb! I can already see how my profits are growing.

testimonial review elbuz - nikolay rovenskiy
Nikolay Rovensky
GadjetStore analyst

I was skeptical at the beginning, but now I'm just delighted, the automatic price update system is a blast! Thanks for such a cool product!

testimonial review elbuz - sophya santos
Sofia Santos
owner of TrendyWear

Elbuz is a real must-have for online store owners ! Automating price comparisons and stock availability really helps my business thrive!

testimonial review elbuz - mihail rudenko
Mikhail Rudenko
Head of SeaPool

I have been looking for a solution for store management for a long time and Elbuz exceeded all my expectations, integration with suppliers helped me significantly increase the turnover of my business. Now I can’t imagine my work without Elbuz!

testimonial review elbuz - valeria krisman
Valeria Krissman
CEO GuGiWoman

I was at a complete loss with managing my clothing store until I started using this program, support for any data formats and price optimization made my life easier.

testimonial review elbuz - emili boston
Emily Boston
TechUniverse Manager

Thanks to this program, everything has become much easier, it updates prices itself and controls the availability of goods, now I can say with confidence that my store flies like a rocket!

testimonial review elbuz - marko rossi
Marco Rossi
owner of ItalianStyle

Price analytics have helped me increase my profits and simplify my work process, so I can now focus on creating unique Italian looks without wasting time on routine tasks.

testimonial review elbuz - natalya grushkovec
Natalia Grishkovets
CEO BeautyGlow

I work in the beauty industry and this program has become a real salvation for me. Automating price comparisons and optimizing purchasing allows me to save time and money.

testimonial review elbuz - mihail demchenko
Mikhail Demchenko
head of CytrusStore

Using this program has truly been a game changer, price comparison, price analytics and inventory control are a real Game Changer for my business!

testimonial review elbuz - kristofer run
Christopher Rahn
GreenTeaHero manager

I'm in love with this program! Product segmentation and price comparison automation help me maximize profits. Thanks to Elbuz, my store has become even more successful!

testimonial review elbuz - marta taysen
Martha Theson
MountainStore owner

I am the owner of an online store for outdoor enthusiasts, and this product has become my reliable partner, thanks for such a cool tool!

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