SaaS platform + Constructor + CMS + automation of all routine store processes

Powerful store engine

Required functionality and continuous improvement

Ready integrations

Hundreds of ready-made modules: logistics, payments, marketing

Beautiful selling website

Ready and unique designs, visual editor

The best technical support 24x7

Online chat, phone, email. We are always there to help

Responsive templates in our constructor

A platform for creating an online store in 1 hour based on a powerful CMS engine for the store

Add product items, photos and descriptions from databases of suppliers, marketplaces and competitors, automate work and record keeping, sell and make a profit. Detailed instructions and professional technical support will help you do everything yourself, without the involvement of designers and programmers.

  • Ready templates. 20 adaptive customizable templates can quickly develop a unique design without outside help, adding the necessary forms, modules and add-ons to the pages.
  • SEO optimization. Built-in support is able to bring the site to the TOP and from the first day of launch to see the indicators of its resource, the results of applying a series of our software solutions.
  • Regular update. The potential of the software is periodically expanded, our specialists update it, so the software functions stably and always remains up-to-date.
  • Competent technical support. We provide documentation and video instructions for using the software. During working hours, you can get advice from a technical support specialist on our forum, and if necessary, use the paid service of a personal manager (he will set up the software, accompany you in use).
  • Free demo period. It lasts fourteen days, which is enough to realize the benefits of our offer.
  • Advanced functionality for automating the work of an online store. You will be able to bulk process price lists in various formats, compare prices from suppliers and competitors, add content to product cards and create an up-to-date, constantly updated product catalog.
  • Powerful online store hosting on a separate server + scaling. Fill out a special form and quickly get a powerful engine at your disposal for free during the demo period.
Наполнение сайта контентом и товарами

SaaS platform with the ability to develop a store to a marketplace

Our platform is suitable for everyone involved in online commerce:

  • owners of online stores;
  • beginners who decide to start trading online, but do not have special knowledge;
  • freelance developers to create custom websites that integrate with any CRM instantly and easily;
  • agencies specializing in the development and promotion of online trading platforms.

Our platform is suitable for everyone involved in online commerce:

  • Access to editing source codes - all functionality and design can be adapted to the needs of your business.
  • Unlimited number of items for sale - add new items, expand the range, create sets of products and increase your profits.
  • Cloud hosting - expands and gradually scales even a small online store into a huge marketplace that sells more than a million items.
  • Built-in integration - your store can be integrated with hundreds of existing modules of delivery services, payment systems and most popular CRMs, and everyday processes will be fully automated.

Get demo access for 14 days for free
The platform balance will be 50USD. Unloading of 100 products + full functionality is available.


Advantages of the platform for developers of online stores, web studios and promotion agencies

ElbuzGroup is a completely independent developer and supplier of innovative software for online commerce and offers favorable terms of cooperation not only for business owners, but also for professional developers, including freelancers, web studios, marketing and consulting agencies. We offer our partners not only to greatly facilitate the implementation of e-commerce solutions, but also to earn more by participating in our affiliate program :

  • earn 20% from the sale of our product during the year ($ 120 for each attracted user);
  • earn a commission for the sale of a license for our product with installation on the client's server - $ 420;
  • monthly on a regular basis to receive commissions from our company in any way convenient for you (transfer to Yandex Money online wallet, bank card, etc. ).

Cooperation with us is cost-effective, because in addition to the commission, we carry out co-marketing, advertising you on our resource in exchange for placing information about us on yours. Our partners can use any promotional materials, including links, banners, advertising blocks, our logos, screenshots, etc. , to attract a client, with only one condition - the sale of software and services must be carried out in compliance with the RRP at a price not lower than indicated by us in the price list.

Working with us is not only financially profitable, but also comfortable, because the company takes care of all technical issues, providing professional support to its partners and their clients so that you can concentrate on trading and other functions that bring you profit.

Benefits of the platform for online store owners

Owners, using the cloud platform, get a lot of benefits and greatly simplify their work:

  • Information collection and analytics - the software can bring together and analyze data from the price lists of suppliers and competitors, parse prices in order to find the most advantageous offers and thereby increase its own profit.
  • Task scheduling and tracking — The software helps to set up tasks for managers and their schedule, monitor the timeliness and quality of their implementation.
  • Communication processes - messaging and communication with buyers and managers is carried out at lightning speed in order to respond to requests in a timely manner and resolve current issues in real time.
  • A single customer database — all data about customers and their orders is stored in the system and can be used for target audience analytics, mailings and the formation of mutually beneficial offers to loyal customers.
  • Improving the marketing strategy — the functionality allows you to set adaptive category filters, combine products into sets, increasing the size of the average check, create effective descriptions, video reviews and interesting offers for the target audience, perform SEO optimization, simplify promotion and increase conversion.
  • Automation of routine processes - monitoring prices, updating the price list and assortment, accepting orders and payments, sending news by e-mail and SMS messages, and many other issues can be fully automated and resolved without the participation of the project owner and managers. It is enough to correctly configure it once.

The cost of renting a software license is only $87 per month or $2.89/day. For this money, the user gets access to all the functionality and can not only create an online store, but also fully manage it, automate most processes, carry out high-quality promotion and analytics - for this, it is enough just to replenish the internal balance in the system. The functionality of the program can be extended to suit the individual needs of your project. Payment is made solely for the services you need and the amount of their actual use, and you can start even with a minimal budget.

You are given the opportunity to try the software and explore its capabilities for free for fourteen days, using a demo version in which all functions are available and up to 100 products can be downloaded.

It is proposed to purchase a license for permanent use of the software in full, without any restrictions for $ 4718 with binding to your domain and all the necessary commissioning processes.

Technical advice is provided free of charge in text format, on the forum or via e-mail during business hours. For instant answers, order paid support. Routine actions by agreement will be performed by our specialist for a moderate fee.


The cost of creating and operating an online store on the E-Trade Jumper platform

We offer to rent the system. The cost is indicated for the entire program as a whole, which includes the entire set of useful functions for automating an online store .



System rental

Price from $2.89 per day

Fill out the form to calculate an individual rate.

Get 14 days free



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Why Choose E-Trade Jumper?

Trusted by thousands of customers, we offer unique features and favorable conditions for their use.


14 years of success

The company developer ElbuzGroup was founded in 2006. More than 10,000 clients in the CIS countries.

Own software

For more than 14 years we have been creating a unique and complex IT system with a high intellectual component.

Warranties and service

We guarantee the quality of our software and the system as a whole. We provide professional tech. support.

Flexible pricing policy

Your investment will pay off in 1 month, your income will cover the cost of software!

Individual approach

Each implementation project that we carry out is individual!
Work on setting up the system is minimized.


All data is stored on a secure server, information is not disclosed. Recoverable backups are created daily.

Creating an online store on your own on a convenient and powerful engine is possible!

The platform for the online store E-Trade Jumper opens up the following prospects:

  • Create a website for free in the constructor, which even a beginner who does not have programming and web design skills can do, there are already templates and modules for this.
  • Designing and filling the catalog - the website builder for an online store allows you to upload in any convenient corresponding format used by CRM, and then update it automatically, including using data collected by the parser from the sites of competitors, suppliers, marketplaces.
  • Marketing - SaaS online store has many features to attract customers by moving away from the usual templates, designing spectacular descriptions, video reviews that enlarge product photos, a live interactive interface adapted to the needs of customers, and built-in SEO support will help control ratings and display your resource in the TOP.
  • Increasing sales - SaaS platform with cloud hosting allows you to expand the range to infinity, keep the catalog up to date and develop your business, focusing on the needs of the target audience, and the functionality of creating product kits for Cross-Sell will help you earn more by increasing the average bill of each customer.
  • Automation of workflows - CMS for online commerce is able to generate reports, accept payments without the participation of managers, keep records of orders and customers, regularly update the catalog with up-to-date data, and much more automatically.
  • Stability and security — a powerful online store engine ensures high page loading speed, and issues that arise are resolved online in a short time without the involvement of third-party programmers.

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a new version of the program has been released

The speed of processing prices and updating content on the site has been increased, errors have been fixed.

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