Заполнение карточек товаров с помощью программы

Creating a database for an online store

Creating a database is the initial stage for the operation of an online store, without a basic product catalog there are no sales! A modern product catalog must be created using an automation program, it will allow you to quickly create an online store database with product cards, the source can be supplier price lists in various formats and structures, you can also download products from sites, including competitor sites. An automated solution for creating an online store database allows you to add any number of products: with prices, availability, photos, characteristics. This solution opens up the widest possibilities for quickly creating a basic catalog, an online store showcase. An online store can be created based on our SaaS platform.

How is the database formed in the program?

Often, a basic product catalog is created based on a large supplier of goods, which contains 70% of the entire assortment that you plan to trade. Some suppliers indicate in their price lists not only prices and availability, but also photos of products with characteristics. You can use this data as the basis of a database and display them in your online store. If the data is not enough or they are missing, then usually they are taken from the supplier's website or directly from the website of the manufacturer of the goods, but you do not need to copy them manually, use an automation program that will quickly create a database with photos and characteristics for your online store. How to make a product catalog

What is included in the product catalog (database) of the store?

  • Structure of product categories (groups)
  • Product cards
  • Price, availability, shipping costs
  • Product photo gallery
  • Brief text description (product benefits)
  • Full text description + video
  • Product Specifications
  • Filters for selecting products by characteristics
каталог товаров

Many of your competitors have completely switched to automated work with our software, so do you!

Use the best program to create a product catalog. This is a convenient and effective tool that, in SKILLED HANDS, will make it possible to leave competitors behind!

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Get demo access for 14 days for free
The platform balance will be 50EUR. Unloading of 100 products + full functionality is available.


Solving the problems of managing the database of products in an online store

Using ready-made information from the E-Trade Jumper database, such problems can be solved as:

1. Creation of an assortment of goods.

It is better to create the maximum catalog of products at the initial stage of creating an online store, this will immediately give a large reach of customers, a quick start of sales, quickly launch an online store and fill the online store with new products in the process. The database of an online store is primarily a showcase of goods, your product range.

According to average statistics, it takes almost 1 month to create a catalog of 1000 products manually, provided that it will be formed for each product:

  • Name of product;
  • the price of the product;
  • Product availability;
  • a brief description of the goods;
  • product photos;
  • technical description of the product divided into separate components “Characteristic + Value”, in order to create a filtering of products by attributes (without filtering goods, it makes no sense to open a modern online store)

2. Expansion of the current range of goods.

You have the opportunity to add new categories to the existing categories of your online store, thereby expanding the horizons of your customers to increase the number of sales.

3. Creation of product descriptions.

When using the capabilities available within the database to fill the E-Trade Jumper online store, you can provide high-quality cards for the products of the online store, while saving the time and effort of employees.


The cost of the program for creating a product catalog

We offer to rent the system. The cost is indicated for the entire program as a whole, which includes the entire set of useful functions for automating an online store.



System rental

Price from €2.89 per day

Fill out the form to calculate an individual rate.

Get 14 days free


Benefit of use

Payback period ~ 1 month, on the 2nd month the income will cover the investment costs !

Instant access to the program through a browser, from any PC!

Affordable price of €87, significant savings for your money!

The program does not allow errors, unlike manual data entry, a human error can cost a business dearly.

Official quality guarantee from the developer company!


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Program integration with any platform

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Why Choose E-Trade Jumper?

Trusted by thousands of customers, we offer unique features and favorable conditions for their use.


14 years of success

The company developer ElbuzGroup was founded in 2006. More than 10,000 clients in the CIS countries.

Own software

For more than 14 years we have been creating a unique and complex IT system with a high intellectual component.

Warranties and service

We guarantee the quality of our software and the system as a whole. We provide professional tech. support.

Flexible pricing policy

Your investment will pay off in 1 month, your income will cover the cost of software!

Individual approach

Each implementation project that we carry out is individual!
Work on setting up the system is minimized.


All data is stored on a secure server, information is not disclosed. Recoverable backups are created daily.

Quick creation of a product catalog, be the first to capture the audience of competitors


Quick creation of a product catalog for an online store with detailed technical specifications. descriptions and photographs.

  • You get at your disposal a complete catalog of products of the site you specified to fill your online store.
  • The product catalog will contain detailed technical descriptions of products, photographs and other data, and will make it possible to create a block for filtering products by attributes on the site.
  • All products in your catalog will have reference names and characteristics from the source site, this will eliminate errors that may appear during manual entry.

These opportunities give you all the conditions you need to run a successful business.

Where do we get information from?

All the necessary information is stored on various sites, the data from which is transferred to you for further processing.

The created database of an online store can store hundreds of thousands of products with detailed descriptions, full technical specifications and photos of products. The database is fully integrated into the E-Trade Jumper software, which allows you to update the range of products within the program interface. Creating an online store database is now a simple task!


It is possible to receive products from any site for any groups of goods:

Electronics, photo

TVs, DVD players, Cameras, MP3 players, E-books, GPS


Wireless, Headsets, Mobile phones


Tires, Disks, Radios


Refrigerators, Vacuum cleaners, Washing machines, Microwave ovens, Multicookers, Air conditioners


Tools, Plumbing

Sports and recreation

Bicycles, Tourism


Desktop, Notebooks, Wi-Fi, Tablets, Printers, Accessories

Children's products

Car seats, Strollers, Constructors, Toys

House and cottage

Washers, Mowers

Product description example

The video will show examples of photos and technical descriptions of products that can be added for the products of the online store.

HTC mobile phone description example

Philips TV description example

Cost of products and descriptions

You can buy the program or rent it, in both cases you will receive a turnkey automation system.
The cost of developing a module for obtaining information from the specified site is €50 .
The cost of creating a product card (photo, technical description) - € 0.05. There is an unlimited mode for adding descriptions, the cost is € 100 for 1 month it will be useful if you need to add tens of thousands of descriptions with photos to products.

In what format will the database of products of the online store be?

In the E-Trade Jumper program, a list of categories and products is available for creating a product catalog, as well as descriptions of these products in the form of technical specifications and photos.

A ready-made catalog of products for an online store can contain either one of the categories of products you have chosen from the source site, or all of them taken together - for organizing large online stores.

We provide a product catalog in one of the data exchange formats: CSV, XML, CommerceML2 (1C). It is also possible to upload via the E-Trade Tunnel module if your site's CMS is supported.

Who are we?

The ElbuzGroup company has been engaged in the field of IT programming, development and maintenance of online stores for over 14 years.

Over time, we have accumulated tremendous experience in the field of e-commerce. We have done a lot of work and now we are pleased to offer you completely ready-made solutions for the successful operation of an online store.

A ready-made catalog of an online store is a successful start in business, optimization of your work. When buying a ready-made catalog of an online store, you will not need to think about how to fill it with products and descriptions - everything is done for you and for you.

It's not a problem to add product descriptions and create new products - category list

Now it's not a problem to add a description for a product for many types of products. This opportunity will be especially appreciated by content managers who independently carried out these works in manual mode or hired third-party freelancers who did not always give the desired result.

Electronics & Photo

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: dvd players, audio equipment, speaker systems, amplifiers and receivers, acoustic kits, stereos, home theaters, portable audio equipment, mp3 players, headphones, radio tape recorders, voice recorders, photos, digital cameras, lenses, tripods and monopods, flashlights, gps-navigators, camcorders, pocket electronic devices, e-book readers, TVs and plasma panels, accessories, stands, cables and connectors, batteries and accumulators, accessories for camcorders, video recorders, cassettes and disks monoblocks, radio stations, satellite and cable TV.


Add a description and fill the site for such products as: bluetooth headsets, cordless phones, wired phones, cell phones, cell phone accessories, spare parts, data cables, antennas, covers, payment cards, phone cards, wired headsets, tariff plans.


Add a description and fill the site for such products as: usb flash drive, game consoles, game consoles, pda, components, cases, hard drives (hdd), motherboards, video cards, monitors, laptops, network equipment, routers, switches, hubs, wi-fi and bluetooth equipment, voip equipment, modems, accessories, bags and covers for laptops, uninterruptible power supplies, memory cards, manipulators and keyboards, keyboards, mice, kits, steering wheels, joysticks, gamepads, multimedia, computer acoustics, tv - tuners, printers and multifunctional devices, scanners, desktop computers, software, programming, security systems, utilities, antivirus programs, consumables, cartridges, toners, thermal tape, drums and drum blocks, paper and film, floppy disks, disks, cassettes, cutting plotters, servers, memory card readers.


Add a description and fill the site for such products as: for home, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, irons, sewing equipment, for kitchens, refrigerators, hoods, built-in work surfaces, built-in ovens, for personal care, hair dryers and styling appliances, men's electric shavers epilators and women's electric shavers, floor scales, climatic equipment, air conditioners, heaters and thermal curtains, water heaters, air purifiers and humidifiers.


Add a description and fill the site for such products as: car video equipment, TVs and monitors, rims, audio equipment, car radios, car audio, tires, auto parts, engine, headlights, bodywork, transmission, auto cosmetics, auto chemicals, anticorrosive agents, sealants, accessories, tuning kits, trunks, parking radars, xenon, trucks, truck tractors, dump trucks, semi-trailers, flatbed, tools, motor vehicles, snowmobiles, alarms, car alarms, immobilizers, mechanical interlocks, anti-theft complexes, special equipment, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, truck cranes

Sporting goods

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: bicycles, snowboarding, snowboards, hiking, tents, sleeping bags, skiing, fitness equipment, exercise bikes, treadmills, climbing, athletics, fitness, weightlifting, fitness, athletics, badminton, rackets shuttlecocks, accessories, swimming pools, cross-country skiing, accessories, billiards, tables, accessories for players, cues, table accessories, boxing and martial arts, clothing and protection, gloves, training equipment, accessories and supplies, tennis, accessories, rackets, water sports, volleyball, gymnastics, darts, protection, boats and rafts, outboard motors, balls, table tennis, tables, hunting and fishing, sights, accessories, reels, guns, paintball, clothing and protection, scuba diving, accessories, buoyancy compensators wetsuits and boots, regulators, roller skates, accessories, sleds and snow scooters, squash, rackets, balls, accessories, sports equipment, bags, football, hockey, yachts and boats.

Goods for children

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: baby products, children's furniture, strollers, car seats, children's shoes, children's clothing, hats, clothes for babies, for school, toys, radio-controlled models, educational toys, constructors, cars, scooters.

Everything for home and garden

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: summer cottage, garden and garden, high-pressure washers, lawn mowers, bathroom and toilet accessories, fragrances, household chemicals, cleaning products, insect repellents, interior, interior elements, interior clocks, mirrors, blinds, kitchen utensils, kitchen utensils, pots, dishes, teapots, coffee pots, furniture, kitchen furniture, upholstered furniture, bathroom furniture, living rooms, needlework, lamps, table lamps, light bulbs, floor lamps, chandeliers, textiles, bed linen, pillows and blankets, towels, lanterns, household equipment, scissors, ironing boards, for cleaning, hangers, electric extension cords and adapters.

Construction and repair

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: tools, power tools, saws, plumbing, faucets, showers, bathtubs, ventilation, doors, doors, door handles, locks, hecks, latches, materials, facing and finishing, paintwork, loose and binders and mixtures, heat and noise insulation, windows, heating, elements of heating systems, radiators, heating systems, accessories and portals for fireplaces, electrics, power plants, measuring equipment, voltage stabilizers, automatic switches.


Add a description for products of the type: vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, diagnostic tests, drugs, medicinal plants, for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, homeopathic, medical clothing and footwear, medical materials, plasters, medical devices and products, syringes, needles, diagnostic equipment, heating pads, orthopedic products, optics, glasses for vision correction, accessories.

Gifts, souvenirs, flowers

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: Christmas products, Christmas trees, accessories, gift wrapping, business gifts, table sets, decorative dishes, sets, decorative telephones, games, icons, carnival costumes, paintings, models, awards and diplomas, watches, knives, weapons, gift sets, gift candles, gift certificates, pens and pencils, sculptures, souvenirs, stone souvenirs, leather souvenirs, glass souvenirs, metal souvenirs, jewelry and bijouterie, bracelets, pendants and pendants, photo albums and frames, flowers, fresh flower bouquets, flower arrangements, roses, New Year's compositions.


Add a description and fill the site for such products as: audio books, business and economics, management, marketing, advertising, trade, economics, children's literature, for the smallest, for preschoolers and elementary grades, coloring books, games, riddles, children's encyclopedias, home, life, family, leisure, child and child care, cooking, sports, collecting, magazines and newspapers, youth magazines, sports, tourism, recreation, art and culture, fine arts, antique books, rare books, photography, architecture and architecture calendars, computers and the Internet, graphics, design, cad, programming languages, the Internet and local networks, literature for beginners, literature in foreign languages, English, German, Spanish, French, medicine, literature for specialists, folk and alternative medicine, pregnancy and child care, veterinary medicine, science and education, history, psychology, religions, philosophy, postcards, dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, guidebooks, dictionaries and phrasebooks, manuals, reference books, technical literature, norms and guests, transport, construction, industry, production, fiction, detective stories, action films, thrillers, biographies, memoirs, personalities, foreign prose and poetry, domestic prose, esotericism esotericism, astrology, horoscopes, divination, yoga, magic, occultism, mysticism, legal literature, civil law, criminal law, public law, administrative law.

Everything for the office

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: presentation equipment, projectors, office equipment, faxes, accessories, stationery, accessories, pens, paper clips, buttons, diaries, notebooks, office furniture, ready-made kits, armchairs, cabinets and shelves, chairs, security systems, flags and emblems, flags.

By the New Year

Add a description and fill the site for such products as: serious gifts, cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, LCD TVs and plasma panels, mp3 players, useful gifts, hair dryers, electric shavers, electric kettles, coffee makers, microwave ovens, symbol of the year, New Year's decorations, carnival costumes, children's toys, gift certificates, perfumes and cosmetics, music, films, haberdashery, Christmas trees, fireworks, for the New Year's table, souvenirs, jewelry, sporting goods, books, New Year's flower arrangements.

The relevance of the information provided

When receiving data from sites, you receive up-to-date data at the time of download, it is also possible to re-download data at any time, for example, after a week. It is possible to update the range of products in order to keep your showcase up to date. The ability to update the range of products by default is available to all users of the E-Trade series software within the program interface. Monitoring competitors' prices will allow you to beat your competitors and be one step ahead.

To understand what gives the use of the E-Trade Jumper database and the E-Trade series software, one should understand what difficulties regarding products a simple layman faces who wants to open his online store and keep it up to date:

  • Creation of an assortment of goods. You can create a maximum catalog of products at the initial stage and do other work, or you can create a minimum of products, launch an online store and fill the online store with missing products in the process, which, by the way, your competitors have been selling for a long time. Following the second option, you can fill the products forever, while it may turn out that the products that you literally added yesterday are no longer produced or sold on the market today. Monitoring the prices of competitors from marketplaces. According to average statistics, it takes almost 1 month to create a catalog of 1000 products manually, provided that it will be formed for each product:
    • Name of product;
    • the price of the product;
    • Product availability;
    • a brief description of the goods;
    • product photos;
    • a technical description of the product with a division into separate components "Characteristic + Value", in order to create a filtering of products by attributes (without filtering goods, it makes no sense to open a modern online store).
  • Expansion of the current range of products.
  • Creation of product descriptions.
  • Relevance of prices and availability of goods. This point, without any exaggeration, must be met by all market players (online stores), because without the current price, i. e. the price at which you can sell a product, no modern online store can exist. If prices change every day on your suppliers' price lists, but your site updates the price once a week, it's best to get out of the market and not embarrass yourself and the e-commerce market as a whole. A similar situation with the availability of goods. Use SaaS helpdesk system to gain customer loyalty.

Automation of online stores allows you to eliminate routine operations and create a catalog of products from a third-party site.

Filling the site with content.
Text generator from keywords.


a new version of the program has been released

The speed of processing prices and updating content on the site has been increased, errors have been fixed.

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