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Sending messages to a counterparty from a document

In the window of an open document, on the left are the function keys, one of them is "Sending messages"

Sending messages to a counterparty

Templates for sending messages.
When sending messages, default templates are used. There are two templates available, for email. mail and messengers.

The templates support macro-settings of fields from directories of contractors and your company. This makes it possible to indicate the name of the buyer you are contacting, the name of your company, contacts and any other information. An example of adding your company name in the template settings

Sending SMS
To send SMS, third-party paid services are used, the support of most of which is already built into the program. Approximate view of the window after pressing the send SMS button.

Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Skype
The E-Trade Jumper system has a built-in ability to quickly send messages to WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Skype instant messengers.
Messages are sent free of charge through your local client of one of the selected systems (messenger application), so the application must be installed on your device. Business accounts and third-party paid services are not required for work, this allows you to use a convenient form of communication with the buyer in a few clicks at no additional cost. You do not need to manually add a contact to the application before writing to him. You can set the basic message text once in the templates and use it all the time, thereby saving your precious time! Messages are sent directly through the official application, which uses your phone number specified in the application during registration. Mass automatic mailings, alas, are not possible.

An example of how to send a Viber message

When sending a message via Viber to a contact that is not in your address book, you need to do two things (or one if you use your clipboard):
1. Press the "Start Chat" button. A message from the browser will appear (later you can configure the browser to remember your choice). Click on the "Open Viber app" button

The Viber application will open with something like this, you need to write any message to start a dialogue

2. After that, return to the E-Trade Jumper program and click on the "Send" button, a dialog will appear on the screen to whom you need to send a message, the contact you need will be at the very top (because you just sent a message to him), you must check the contact box and click the "Share" button

After that the message will be sent

A simple and fast way to send messages.

To simplify sending messages in one action, you must:
1. activate the flag "Copy to clipboard"
2. click on the "Start Chat" button
This will open the Viber app and you can easily paste text from your clipboard into the app itself (hot keys CTRL+V).

Messages are sent to the WhatsApp messenger without any extra steps, unlike Viber, you just need to click the "Send" button

A dialog will appear, you must click the "Open WhatsApp application" button

If the phone number is not on the WhatsApp platform, for example, your contact does not use WhatsApp, then a message like

Telegram and Skype
The sending function is similar to Viber, first you need to start a chat, then you can send a message or send a message right away using the "Clipboard" function.

“A written conversation is almost as tiring as a game of chess by correspondence. ” —
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