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Creating an order to suppliers based on customer orders

The creation of the document "Order to the supplier" is necessary for ordering products from the supplier.
You can manually create such documents, you can automatically based on customer orders.

How to create a "Supplier Order" document automatically based on customer orders.

To do this, you must select one or more orders by marking them with the "Select" checkbox.

Click on the "Create" button

Select the item with the document type "Supplier order"

One or more documents will be created in the Supplier Order section.

If your selected orders contain products from different suppliers, then documents for each supplier will be created.
If the products from the order do not have any supplier, then a document will be created without specifying the counterparty and you will need to decide where to purchase the products in order to sell it to the buyer.
In this example, 2 orders were selected, the 1st supplier has all the goods, so one document was created with a list of products from this supplier

For a clearer example, let's choose 9 orders

Let's create an order to the supplier. As a result, 4 documents were created for 4 suppliers


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