Automatic processing of prices

The program for processing price lists allows you to automatically compare your products and products from price lists, identify changes in prices, availability, discover new products, quickly update your online store, taking into account your margin. Automatic processing of price lists allows you to save not only your time, but also money!

Наполнение сайта контентом и товарами

supplier price processing
  • Download products from any price lists, price comparison sites and availability, quickly expand your assortment.
  • Structure data from various sources in a "single window", with the possibility of a general search for goods.
  • The high speed of processing prices for an online store will allow you to become a market leader.
  • The choice of minimum prices from different suppliers, taking into account the availability of goods.
  • Offer the best prices for buyers every day.
  • Flexible pricing of goods, accounting for RRP, discounts and promotions, exchange rates. Markup via advanced formulas.
  • All formats of price lists XLS, CSV, XML, YML are supported, as well as the API of many vendors!
  • Automated identification of new products in the price lists of suppliers.
  • Bringing identical products from several suppliers into one (comparison, matching).
  • Download prices from email. mail, links, including google cloud services, Yandex,, FTP, etc.
  • Update your websites and marketplaces daily.
  • Processing price lists of Opencart, Bitrix, CS-Cart, ShopScript, prom, rozetka and many others.


Supplier price processing

Processing and comparison of suppliers' prices takes place according to the specified loading rules for the effective selection of only the goods you need, with the possibility of data transformation to your standards. As you know, new products appear every day, but it does not always happen that the product that appeared at the supplier is not available in your online store, it may already be there. To understand whether this product is new or not is complicated by the fact that the same product can be called differently. Ready-made algorithms for automatic product matching will help you, which will link your products and products from suppliers' price lists, a list of new products will be available to add to your online store.

  • Creation of a consolidated price list for all suppliers (where for what, is it available).
  • Uploading actual data to any XLS, XML, CSV format.
  • Failure protection, daily data archiving.
  • The program works directly in the browser, there is always access from any PC.
  • All routine operations for processing the price lists of suppliers will be taken over by the program!
  • It is possible to modify the program according to your requirements for processing price lists.
  • Professional turnkey system setup.

Competitor pricing processing

If the prices of suppliers are not enough for you, you can quickly connect the price lists (websites) of your competitors, set an individual formula for calculating your sales prices, taking into account market conditions.
In the process of working with price lists, whether it's a supplier's price list or a competitor's price list, you will always have the opportunity to select a group of goods from the price list and add it entirely to your online store, thereby instantly expanding your range of products.

наполнение сайта контентом цена
  • Easy setup of the pricing system using the processing of competitors' prices
  • Setting up parsers for any site (getting prices, availability, photos, characteristics)
  • New features are added daily, unique development has been going on for 14 years!
  • Write to us, we are ready to discuss any task!

Many of your competitors have completely switched to automated work with our software, so do you!

Use the best program for processing, analyzing and comparing price lists. This is a convenient and effective tool that, in SKILLED HANDS, will make it possible to leave competitors behind!

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Get demo access for 14 days for free
The platform balance will be 50USD. Unloading of 100 products + full functionality is available.


E-Trade Jumper is a turnkey system for a comprehensive solution for processing and analyzing price lists.

The proposed solution already has all the necessary functions and modules, and most importantly - all this at no additional cost! While others offer you "constructors" we offer you a fairly solid list of features already in the basic configuration, as a result, the automation of the online store will be 100% complete at low cost.

Consider a specific example, with actual figures for financial costs

You are the owner of an online store and are just starting your business.

At the initial stage, you have:

  • a small assortment of goods on display;
  • the store runs on a free but good OpenCart engine;
  • your budget is limited.

You need:

  • display current prices and availability on the online store showcase;
  • have at its disposal a tool for processing price lists of suppliers, a tool for analyzing competitors' prices;
  • quickly update data in the online store and upload the current price list for trading platforms.
You should know that the vast majority of newly minted "integrators" offer to buy at least 4 additional modules separately from the basic program, only after purchasing them you will be able to fully automate the work of your online store, but few people know that the total cost of data solutions increases several times from the declared initial cost.
We use a completely different approach, we call it "all inclusive" - the price is fixed, there are no hidden costs, you get a complete product, limited only by your imagination. Draw your own conclusions!

What offers are available on the market to solve your problems?
Buy a program shell (platform) with limited functions, the approximate cost will be 200 USD.

Then you have to buy:

  • a module for loading categories and products from an external file into this platform to create a basic catalog of products and synchronize this data with products from suppliers or competitors, the cost is from 200 USD;
  • a module for uploading data from the platform to a pivot table that will display summary information on your prices, the availability and prices of suppliers and competitors, the cost is from 100 USD;
  • module for uploading data to your accounting system based on the 1C:Enterprise program (CommerceML format), cost from 100 USD;
  • data exchange module with your online store based on OpenCart from 150 USD. It should be noted that for each engine (CMS) you need a separate module, which is purchased separately;
  • integration module with trading platforms, for example, for Yandex Market from 150 USD;
  • module for obtaining competitors' prices from 120 USD.

In total, for an "almost" complex solution you should pay from 1020 USD! But is it worth it? The answer is obvious!

And now the most interesting! What we offer!
The E-Trade Jumper program for 2.89USD per day (like a couple of cups of coffee), while the program has all the so-called "modules" in the regular version and even more:

  • module for loading data into the program - free of charge;
  • module for uploading data from the program to a consolidated pivot table - free of charge;
  • upload module to the 1C:Enterprise program (CommerceML format) - free of charge;
  • modules for data exchange with your online store based on OpenCart - free of charge and 17 other integration modules: 1C-Bitrix, WebAsyst Shop Script, HostCMS, VirtueMart (Joomla), ShopCMS, osCommerce 2. 2, Vam Shop, PHPShop, ECSHOP, CS-Cart, Bornet, Simpla CMS, PrestaShop, ViArt Shop, Amiro. CMS, ShopOS, Fast-Sales and it's also free! This means that if you want to transfer the work of the online store to another engine, then it will be free for you!
  • integration modules with trading platforms, for example, with Yandex Market,,,,,, satu. kz, etc. - free of charge;
  • module for processing the receipt of competitors' prices - free of charge;
  • the number of added suppliers, competitors is unlimited ;
  • and much more. . .

How to solve the problem of fast processing of prices and price updates?

Option number 1.
Hire a content manager. One person can not cope, you have to take 2-3 people. The salary of each is from $ 300 (the very minimum, let's take for example).

Option number 2.
Using a price processor E-Trade Jumper. The cost is $87 per month for a store with an assortment of up to 50,000 items. It is also possible to purchase the program once for installation on a personal server.

We take a calculator and calculate what price automation gives.

Option number 1

Option number 2

Search for a content manager, training ~1 month.

Implementation of the program ~1 day

Salary every month $300

Program rent 87$

Total for six months: $1800

Total for half a year: $522


You save $1278 for half a year of work, a difference of 400% in favor of our E-Trade Jumper program.
At the same time, the possibilities of the program are huge and they all work for you and for you!
Do you still doubt whether you need turnkey price processing optimization?


Benefits of using a new price processing program

Payback period ~ 1 month on the 2nd month the income will cover the investment costs !
Instant access to the program through a browser, from any PC!
Affordable rental price of $ 87 a noticeable savings for your money!
The program does not allow errors, unlike manual data entry, a human error can cost a business dearly.
Official quality guarantee from the developer company!

Program integration with any platform

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The cost of the program and separately the function of creating prices

We offer to rent the system. The cost is indicated for the entire program as a whole, which includes the entire set of useful functions for automating an online store .



System rental

Price from $2.89 per day

Fill out the form to calculate an individual rate.

Get 14 days free



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Procedure for setting up automated processing and comparison of price lists of suppliers

To compare products, you need to upload a list of your products and a list of products from suppliers or competitors to the E-Trade Jumper system.

Step-by-step instructions are accompanied by a video description


Set up discounts and markups (optional)

  • Markup by product category
  • Threshold markup
# 4

Distribution of products by categories (optional)

  • Comparison of categories and products from the price list with your categories
# 5

Comparison of the same products

  • Automatic installation of links with products from price lists
  • Identification of new products

Updating your products based on price lists

  • Update prices, availability
  • Adding new products

Uploading data to the site, file

  • Updating the catalog of goods in the online store
  • Creating files for marketplaces

Why Choose E-Trade Jumper?

Trusted by thousands of customers, we offer unique features and favorable conditions for their use.


14 years of success

The company developer ElbuzGroup was founded in 2006. More than 10,000 clients in the CIS countries.

Own software

For more than 14 years we have been creating a unique and complex IT system with a high intellectual component.

Warranties and service

We guarantee the quality of our software and the system as a whole. We provide professional tech. support.

Flexible pricing policy

Your investment will pay off in 1 month, your income will cover the cost of software!

Individual approach

Each implementation project that we carry out is individual!
Work on setting up the system is minimized.


All data is stored on a secure server, information is not disclosed. Recoverable backups are created daily.

Working with price lists: processing, importing and automating price lists

The owners of online stores must solve a lot of problems so that the resource attracts customers, so that there are sales, so that users feel comfort and convenience. No less important is the competent organization of all processes, including the processing of price lists.

Let’s make a reservation right away that there is a category of people who believe that this is far from a priority task, it can be left “for later” or not done at all, as an option, “all by hand” or using software downloaded from the Internet. The result is always sad, and this publication will explain why.

Processing price lists - why is it needed at all?

Let's not be unfounded! Processing supplier price lists is the most complex and important process of automating an online store. The bottom line is simple: most trading platforms do not have their own warehouse for products, the goods are delivered directly from the supplier.

And here lies a lot of nuances. Some items are in stock, some are out of stock, some are out of stock. All this is important to take into account, because the client does not want to waste time by placing an order, and then understand that nothing will happen, since the goods are over. That is why, traditionally, information about stock balances is sent by suppliers themselves to partners in "price lists". The format may vary, but the most common are XML or XLS (excel), which are used for a computer. The more suppliers - the more files, and then the analysis of supplier prices becomes the only way to continue working. Actual updating of prices, data on availability / absence, and so on - everything should be “sorted out”. It is impossible to postpone the process until tomorrow, although it is labor-intensive, in 1 day the situation can change radically, and no one has yet ruled out the factor of human errors.

What options do you have for processing supplier price lists?

Freedom of choice is what modern man values. It exists in this case too:

  • Supplier price lists can be processed manually. For this, it is necessary to have, probably, eternal life, if we are talking about a large project, since analysis, updating balances, prices, statuses will not tolerate mistakes. It can solve the issue only if the online store has a maximum of 5-10 positions.
  • A number of owners opt for ordering cloud services for automating trading processes. Everything would be fine, but a business can only have 1 owner. It is you.
  • Someone hires managers so that the manual processing of price lists falls on their shoulders. It is expensive, and a person can make a mistake, which in the end can lead to the loss of a very large client. There were precedents, and more than once. The same applies to working with freelancers.
  • Oh, how many unpleasant surprises you can get when trying to automate the import and processing of sheets after installing the csv and excel loaders.
  • The best option is to automate the processing of price lists, where everything is done by reliable software.

We have specifically considered different options so that you can make your own informed decision, however, it is the last point that corresponds to all the realities of our life, it simplifies tasks, not complicates. This is the same as comparing the times when people rode carts. Isn't a comfortable car of the 21st century better.

Program for processing price lists of the new generation

We are glad to present to your attention E-Trade Jumper - a modern and multifunctional program for processing price lists, which has proven itself in the framework of work with thousands of our clients. The price analyzer is truly a lifesaver when working in an online store.

We are often asked why is your product better than others? Of course, everyone is used to praising themselves, but we urge you to look at the facts objectively. The choice of software (comparison of price lists) in this niche is not so wide. You can conduct your own market monitoring and see for yourself. The cost is both surprisingly low and exorbitant. Sooner or later, you will still come to understand the need to order such software for automation, if, of course, you strive for the development and normal operation of your online store.

And now note the price factor, and look only at the properties of the programs. Our product is unique in its field, as it solves a wide range of problems without errors and failures:

  • E-Trade Jumper processes and compares lists of both suppliers and competitors. It doesn't matter what kind of document or its structure.
  • The price list comparison program also detects new products and adds them to your catalog with ease. This is a universal solution.
  • In automatic mode, the same positions from different suppliers are combined.
  • We have fully resolved the issue of automating the search for minimum prices for goods among all suppliers.
  • Our price list downloader has grown into something more, as SAMA creates markups for products based on suggested retail prices, as well as events such as discounts, promotions.
  • Exchange rates can surprise, but not the buyers of our product, since E-Trade Jumper allows you to get up-to-date prices, taking into account exchange rates downloaded via the Internet.
  • Clear control over the availability of goods.
  • Operational updating of the catalog in the online store. Downloading price lists does not take much time.
  • It was possible to get a consolidated price list for the Administration in a couple of clicks, and for customers, for example, for bulk purchases.
  • The price comparison program works with the most common formats for uploading - this is XLS/XML/CSV/SQL.

Let others worry about comparing prices!

In conclusion, we note that the cost of software, in comparison with analogues with less capabilities, is objectively democratic. You will be able to carry out routine operations, for example, comparing prices, automatically, without spending money on the services of freelancers and other employees. There are no risks - only positive feedback from satisfied users who have implemented the system and saved huge amounts of money, as well as a lot of time.

If you have any questions, you can always get a free consultation. The main thing is to remember that modern technologies are not just inventions, they are a way to make life, and in our case, business, easier and more efficient. Who would refuse such a thing?

Work with price lists, automation of price list processing

What is price list processing for an ordinary manager? Working with price lists is a daily nightmare. Insane amount of work. Meanwhile, in this business, who did not have time, he was late. Do you think that this problem is not worth attention? And is it possible to get by with the usual method of processing prices? Hmm, while your poor manager will be busy day and night processing supplier prices and working hard on updating content, someone else will calmly sell. Why? Very simple. Our clients know what exists automatic processing of price lists . A special price processing program will save you from wasting time on importing price lists and manually analyzing a large amount of information.

Do you want to sell a lot? Do you want a thriving online store that works for you around the clock? Then purchase the E-Trade Jumper program for working with price lists. And experience all the benefits. The possibilities are vast, but let's highlight the most basic. You can buy the program or rent it.

So, what operations can be done using E-Trade Jumper:

  • loading and processing the price lists of suppliers and competitors (yes, this is possible);
  • maintain directories: contractors, product categories, manufacturers;
  • set up the formation of markups, control the RRP;
  • create a price list for wholesale customers, which can be downloaded directly from the site;
  • the ability to install many filters for the convenience of working with price lists.

Strict control, accounting, tracking of new deliveries, changes in supplier prices. The software will allow you to set up the site as efficiently and reliably as possible.


Price lists, their comparison and processing is an urgent problem when opening and further operating an online store.

For the purposes of operational marketing management, constant monitoring of the effectiveness of the marketing mixes of the company and competitors is necessary. But conducting such monitoring often runs into the limitations of the marketing information system, which does not allow the heads of marketing and sales services to quickly obtain information in a form suitable for decision making. These limitations are associated not only with the difficulty of obtaining the necessary data, but also with the lack of suitable means of their analysis. In many companies, marketing information systems are not capable of handling large amounts of marketing data. At the same time, the flow of information is growing rapidly.

In this article, we examined the methodology for analyzing one type of marketing data - competitor price lists. But the problems and ways to solve them fully relate to the processing of any other types of marketing data.

The problem of analyzing competitor price lists is especially acute for enterprises that offer a wide range of standard products. Firstly, the price level and the breadth of the assortment are often the main ones in the struggle for the client, and secondly, it is the breadth of the assortment that makes it difficult to control changes in the assortment and pricing policy of competitors. The main difficulty is that the same positions in the price lists of different competitors are called differently.
Therefore, for marketing services of enterprises offering a wide range, it is very important to use such technology for carrying out assortment-price analysis, which would provide:
1. Prompt search for the necessary information.
2. Comprehensive assortment and price analysis through displaying current prices, calculating the number of commodity items from various competitors in groups, calculating price dynamics, searching for new positions, building price forecasts, etc.
3. Reducing the time frame for the adjustment required for "docking" among themselves similar positions of competitors.
4. Simplification of the procedure for replenishing data and updating reports.
An attempt to build such a technology on the basis of standard office programs faces a number of problems. Firstly, Excel is not very convenient for organizing a single data warehouse, and Access does not have convenient analysis tools. Secondly, using only Access and Excel, it is difficult to avoid repetition of commodity items every time after the next collection of price lists. In order to use the results of the previous docking, you need to write a separate application in Access.
The problem of a complete assortment-price analysis can be solved with the help of specialized software E-Trade Jumper used for marketing analysis.


Program for downloading price lists E-Trade Jumper! Knows everything!

Downloading and processing price lists is the alpha and omega of e-commerce. ElbuzGroup have created an ideal assistant that can import prices from any system and program. The download module is built into the package product and is ready to go. 1C, Yandex Market and scripts of popular sites - we are friends with everyone! No limits on the number of files or products!

Do you want to be aware of the prices of all your competitors? Well, E-Trade Jumper will help with this: it will analyze the data and you can adjust your prices if you wish.

Install the program for downloading price lists E-Trade Jumper, and work comfortably.

  • Download products from suppliers' price lists. Not only everything in a row, but according to the filter rule (category, brand, only new ones, with a changed price). The filter is selected and set by the user.
  • Smart search: the program can determine product categories by font size, color, cell properties.
  • Possibility to work with a tree-like price structure (multilevel).
  • Harmful vendor keeps changing filename? No problem, you specify the path and the program loads from the specified folder, regardless of the file name.

The program will successfully replace several employees! Program filters provide such an invaluable opportunity as selective data loading. Without this, a person would have to shovel through all the tables of each of the suppliers in order to find price changes in individual positions or to check availability in the warehouse. And with the help of a filter, the user gets exactly what he is interested in. And no price tags!


Price comparison in MS Excel using E-Trade Jumper

MS Excel is a powerful tool in itself, which has proven its usefulness in business organization, but often its capabilities are not enough to perform diverse tasks. For example, to promote an online store, you need not only basic software, but also effective methods to control the actual cost of your goods on the market.

Among the most rational ways to analyze commodity prices is the E-Trade Jumper product.

This is a special program that is adapted for:

  • processing and comparison of price lists;
  • filtering selected products;
  • issuance of analytical information.


Ultimately, importing data from price lists allows you to quickly and correctly process the received data, thereby speeding up the process of turnover by generating more profitable offers for your customers.


By comparing prices, you can analyze how much the price of a product has changed, while the whole process will be automated, and you will not need to manually enter data mechanically. This eliminates errors that can be made by any user.


Benefits of using the E-Trade Jumper program for doing business

Functionality of our software:

  • identification of new positions in the catalog of goods from suppliers;
  • comparison of prices of different suppliers;
  • data analysis in a convenient form;
  • creation of a consolidated price list;
  • formation of the best pricing policy for your store based on offers from different suppliers;
  • the ability to quickly set the current cost of goods.


The selection will be carried out according to the import rules you set, which will allow for efficient sorting and filtering of goods. Thanks to our software, it is possible to process price lists that have a complex structure and a large number of sheets in an Excel book. Read: how to make a product catalog in excel after processing prices and availability.


Price comparison in MS Excel? Prompt and available!


Comparison of MS Excel price lists with the help of our analyzer is an effective and efficient tool for analyzing and planning your company's activities. This is your step towards modern office work, which will now take a minimum of time. Despite the fact that the learning process will require some effort, the program is suitable even for an inexperienced user.

The step-by-step video tutorial allows you to explore all the features of the product in order to make the most of all the functions for accounting and price comparison. Routine work will turn into a fast automated process, which will speed up the process of obtaining goods and their sale.

You liked the features of the program, but you do not know how to use it, and how effective it is? Thanks to the demo version, you will be able to work in E-Trade Jumper and make sure of the unique development for analyzing price lists in MS Excel.


Contact us - get the opportunity of multi-level data analysis from suppliers, which in turn will optimize the control and accounting of the goods of your business project.


Price List Comparison Software: Find the Differences in 10 Seconds!

There is such a wonderful children's game: find the differences. Price comparison may well be such a game for those who do not have a professional detective to find differences in the tables. And this process will not bring any pleasure. Why is it important to compare prices? Because the e-commerce market requires a quick reaction to any price changes and instant display of this on the store pages. Outdated information and the absence of the declared product is a reputation killer for an online store and a scarecrow for buyers!

For those who want to be the first among the best, our specialists have developed a program for comparing price lists. Install and enjoy the benefits.

  • Track price changes.
  • Reveal new products.
  • Check the presence / absence of goods in the warehouse of the seller (supplier).
  • The product is out of stock - remove from the store.
  • If new items appear, put them on the site, form and inscribe the price.
  • Control the assortment and prices of competitors.

All this in a matter of minutes. All processes are automated. The user once sets the parameters of the filters for analysis, and then the program itself compares the data and displays the result.

Find and Replace: Mission Possible!

Comparison of prices of competitors' prices and on trading floors will allow you to monitor the situation on the market and make adjustments to the pricing of the store. If the product becomes cheaper sharply and everywhere (for example, the gadget market before the appearance of new models is subject to this), then prices should also be lowered. Keeping abreast of the dynamics of market price fluctuations is a must! This will allow you to react in time, lower the price of the goods and avoid the accumulation of residues. But the tool for such control is the price comparison program.

It analyzes and compares supplier prices, finds outdated information and replaces it with the current one! How fast will she do it? We look:

Efficiency in 30 minutes

Content manager, manual

E-Trade Jumper

Downloads the price list and starts comparing information

Compare supplier information with
posted on the store website

Continue to compare information

Finds the price change in the price list of the supplier

Make coffee and keep comparing information

Updates the price on the site, taking into account the markup specified by the user

Comparison of price lists, total 30 min:

Result: almost equal to 0. This is not serious.
Lost time = lost money

Prices are current, information is updated.
Your shop works and brings money!


The many features of our E-Trade Jumper software will work wonders if used properly! And you will feel the action of miracles in a hard monetary equivalent: the use of our program will provide an increase in trading revenue.


Do you want to know how an online store manages to process multiple price lists of suppliers, expand its range?

In a world of fierce competition, keeping up to date with all the events becomes a top priority for a modern online store. The main component of the online store is, of course, the product range and its current prices. To update the information in the online store, the price lists of suppliers are used, which contain all the necessary data. The question arises, how to quickly update the information in the online store, based on the price lists of suppliers?

The most important stages of processing and analyzing prices:

  • find new products to add to the online store;
  • check the price for each product, whether there are changes in the price or not;
  • find products that are no longer in the price list, for deactivation in the online store.

A lot of time and effort is required for the daily analysis of a new supplier's price list, because it is necessary to remember each position of the goods, for the subsequent comparison of goods from memory.

Scheme of work of everyday online store.

Хотите знать как интернет-магазин обрабатывает прайсы поставщиков? Схема работы повседневного интернет-магазина.

For these tasks, only one solution suggests itself, this is to automate the process of comparing the previous price list of the supplier with the new price list. The price analysis automation solution that we offer you contains unique features that we have been developing for more than 7 years. You are guaranteed to receive an exceptionally high-quality product that will make your daily work much easier.

What can you do with the E-Trade Jumper program?

  • Process
    The program allows you to process price lists with a complex structure, with multiple sheets in an MS Excel book.
  • Compare
    Imported goods can be compared and analyzed with goods from the current accounting system (with goods from an online store, goods from 1C, etc. ).
  • Analyze
    The program shows the difference in price between your products and products that were imported from the supplier's price list. It is also possible to add new products to your accounting system (online store) with subsequent adjustment and markup according to the specified markup rules (threshold markup, markup using a coefficient, markup percentage and other possibilities).
  • Control prices
    As a result, the owner of the system has the opportunity to see in real time the goods and prices from the price lists (prices) of suppliers and, as a result, instantly update the prices of goods and create new headings on the site (in the online store), update information in 1C.

Key features

Imported goods can be compared and analyzed with goods from the current accounting system (with goods from an online store, goods from 1C, etc. ). The program shows the difference in price between your goods and goods that were imported from the supplier's price list, it is also possible to add new goods to your accounting system (online store), with subsequent adjustment and markup according to the specified markup rules (threshold markup, markup using a coefficient, markup percentage and other possibilities).

As a result, the owner of the system has the ability to see in real time the goods and prices from the price lists (prices) of suppliers and, as a result, instantly update the prices of goods and create new headings on the site (online store), update information in 1C.

  • Formation of an effective product offer at the most favorable price using software systematization and analysis of price lists (prices) of suppliers, from an unlimited number of suppliers, the format of trading programs (scripts). Consolidation of all product offerings into a single processing system.
  • Availability of up-to-date data on product offers from price lists (prices) of suppliers and competitors in real time.
  • Unlimited expansion of the supplier base and the ability to choose the best, the formation of a competitive environment.
  • Information about current balances of suppliers.
  • Carrying out a real and operational marketing analysis of the market based on a multi-level analysis of the information provided in the price lists of suppliers.
  • Ability to integrate with any accounting (warehouse) program of both the supplier and the buyer.
  • Reducing non-production personnel costs and saving time by automating routine procedures, increasing the efficiency of the procurement department as a whole.

Program benefits

  • Unlimited number of suppliers, format of trading programs (scripts). All product offers are brought together in a single processing system to compare prices and form the best offer.
  • Up-to-date data on product offers from the price lists of suppliers and competitors in real time.
  • Unlimited expansion of the supplier base and the ability to choose the best, the formation of a competitive environment.
  • Information about the current stock of goods from suppliers.
  • Carrying out a real and operational marketing analysis of the market based on a multi-level analysis of information from the price lists of suppliers.
  • Integration with any accounting (warehouse) program, both supplier and buyer.
  • Reducing non-production personnel costs and saving time by automating routine procedures, increasing the efficiency of the procurement department as a whole.


a new version of the program has been released

The speed of processing prices and updating content on the site has been increased, errors have been fixed.

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