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Svetlana Sibiryak

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About Me

The magic of words in the symphony of online store automation. Join my guiding text course into the world of effective online business!

Hello, my name is Svetlana Sibiryak, and I am your guide in the world of words and ideas. I'm a copywriter who specializes in creating engaging and informative articles about how to make your online store more successful.

🚀 Work experience 🚀

Several years have passed since I first plunged into the world of copywriting. I collaborated with various online stores, helping them automate processes and increase operational efficiency. My articles are not only informative, but also easy to read, like the most exciting adventure story in the world of business.

🎓 Education 🎓

  • Bachelor in Journalism and Media Communications
  • Master in Marketing and Communications

💡 Skills and competencies 💡

My skills include not only proficiency with a pen (or keyboard), but also a deep understanding of how successful businesses are built in the Internet space. My key skills:

  • Creating sales texts
  • Analysis and optimization of content
  • Understanding trends in e-commerce
  • Working with SEO

🏆 Achievements and awards 🏆

My path has been strewn with copywriting feathers, and I am proud of:

  • “Best Copywriter of the Year” award from the Internet Business Association
  • Articles that went viral and sold millions of copies

🤓 My take on the work 🤓

I believe that even the most technical topics can be presented in a way that makes the reader want to read even the refrigerator's operating instructions. My approach is to make the information interesting and the learning process fun. After all, who said work can't be fun?

🌐 Projects or clients 🌐

I have the pleasure of collaborating with a variety of online stores. Some of my projects:

  • Optimization of product descriptions for the “Cool Things Store”
  • Creation of a series of articles about new products in e-commerce for “iProgress Store”
  • Help “Zababki. com" in creating attractive promotions and advertising texts