Vladimir Kosygin

Text shaman - Elbuz, 125 articles
Words are tools, and my mission is to breathe life into online store automation. Welcome to the world of my texts, where every line fills business with meaning and efficiency.

Hello, online shopping friends! I am Vladimir Kosygin, your guru in the world of automation and copywriting. Welcome to the page where words become sales magic!

🎙️ Professional Status 🎙️

I'm an experienced copywriter specializing in creating compelling articles on how to make your online store better, faster and stronger!

🌟 Work Experience 🌟

  • Wrote articles for leading online platforms, increasing customer sales by 30%.
  • Developed content strategies for startups, turning them into Internet giants.
  • Helped brands automate their processes and improve user experience.

🎓 Education 🎓

Certified copywriter with a master's degree in marketing. My educational base is your insurance against boring texts!

💡 Skills and Competencies 💡

My superpowers include:

  • Creating sales texts like magic.
  • Deep understanding of business process automation.
  • Creative thinking to make your brand stand out!

🏆 Achievements and Awards 🏆

My magic did not go unnoticed:

  • Awarded the title of “Copywriter of the Year” at an international conference.
  • My articles were included in the top rankings on the topic of copywriting.
  • Certified business automation guru.

🌐 My View on Work 🌐

Work is not just texts. It is creating the magic that results in business growth. I believe in creativity, strategy and a little magic.

🚀 Projects and Clients 🚀

My clients are not only brands, but also fans of my art. Worked with:

  • 🚗 Auto-Shop "Hyperspeed"
  • 🌐 Startup "Electro-Effect"
  • 🌟 Internet giant "Web Magic"