Galina Ostrachinyna

Word artist - Elbuz, 94 articles
The secrets of online store automation are revealed here, like the pages of a magic book of a successful business. Welcome to my world, where every idea is the key to online effectiveness!

Welcome to a page full of ideas, words and generous doses of humor! 😊 My name is Galina Ostranyna, and I am a mysterious word alchemist, whose pen creates magic on the pages of online stores.

Professional status

I am an experienced copywriter specializing in creating engaging and informative articles about automating online stores. My mission is to make your business bright and attractive, as if it went on a successful date. 💼

Work experience

I have been swimming in the world of words for centuries, starting from the moment when the texts on websites were still in diapers. My experience includes working with a variety of online stores where my words turned into sales. My word magic has contributed to the growth of businesses and I am proud of every text I create.


MFA, University of Metaphorical Writing. My thesis: “How words can dance and lead to conversions.” 🎓

Skills and competencies

  • Creation of selling texts
  • Content automation
  • SEO magic
  • Content strategies
  • Creative thinking

Achievements and awards

My words do not go unnoticed! She was awarded the Golden Pen award for the best creativity in copywriting. My texts have become bestsellers in the world of online sales! 🏆

My view on work

I put a piece of my soul into every project because I believe that words can change the world. My approach is quality, creativity and a little fun madness. Work should bring joy, like candy on your birthday!

Projects or clients

  • 🌐 Online store "Shining Gadgets" - creating content for the "Future Today" category.
  • 🚀 Startup "Space Products" - development of unique descriptions for space gadgets.
  • 🎁 Online boutique "Miracles in a Box" - writing fairy tales for each product.