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Anna Voloshko

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About Me

I turn the chaos of online trading into the choreography of efficiency. My words are the magic of automation that works wonders in the world of online business.

Hello, dear e-commerce lovers! 👋 I am Anna Voloshko, your personal guide in the world of online store automation and space ideas. 🚀

Professional status:

In the world of words, I am not just a copywriter, I am a creative engineer and strategist in the field of writing content for online stores. My purpose is to reveal the secrets of successful automation and share them with you.


Throughout my career, I have covered topics ranging from unique keyword selection to creating magnetic product descriptions. My writing magic increases conversions and produces engaging results.

  • Founder and chief copywriter at CopyGalaxy 🌌
  • Author of best-selling copywriting books in Space Business magazine 📚
  • Creating scripts for assistant bots that are better than your mother-in-law . 😏


🎓 MFA in Literary Arts, University of Galactic Words.

Skills and competencies:

  • 🧠 Mastery of keywords and phrases
  • ✍️ Writing magnetic headlines
  • 🚀 Content process automation
  • 🤖 Knowledge of the secret words of bots

Achievements and awards:

🏆 “Word Magic” award for the best content plan of the year.

My view on the work:

In each article I put a piece of my soul and a portion of cosmic humor. Because I believe that even technical issues can be described with a smile and stardust. Work should not be boring - it can be an exciting flight into the endless expanses of knowledge.

Projects or clients:

  • 🛍️ "Solar Discounts" - development of content strategy and space scenarios for promotions
  • 🌐 "HyperGalaxy" - creation of unique texts for the Internet -shop of intergalactic goods