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About Me

In the world of business, words are my pencils and automation is my art. Welcome to the gallery of online store effectiveness, where every text is a masterpiece of success!

Hello, dear readers! I am Anton Koval, your guide in the world of automation for online stores. 🌐✨

Professional Status

I am an experienced copywriter specializing in creating informative and engaging articles about modern automation techniques for effectively managing online stores. My mission is to share knowledge and inspire you to innovate. 🚀


  • Worked with leading e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.
  • Created content for successful campaigns to increase sales and improve user experience.
  • Expert in SEO optimization of content for maximum visibility in search engines.


Master of Marketing, Internet University, 2010.

Skills and competencies

  • Creation of selling texts for websites and advertising campaigns .
  • Deep understanding of business process automation principles.
  • Excellent command of Russian and English languages.

Achievements and Awards

Received the "Best Content Marketer 2022" award from the Digital Excellence Awards. 🏆

My view on work

I believe that quality content is the key to attracting the attention of the audience. My philosophy is to make complex things simple and interesting. By working with me, you invest in your business not just articles, but success stories. 💡

Projects or clients

  • Content development for the successful product line "SmartShop Solutions".
  • Cooperation with large retail companies such as "eTrade Emporium" and "TechTrends Store".