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Zinaida Rumyantseva

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About Me

In the world of automation, I am the weaver of the story of your prosperity. Here, every sentence is a drop of a catalyst for success, and I am ready to guide you along the path of an effective Internet business!

Greetings, friends of the Internet! I am Zinaida Rumyantseva, your guide in the world of automation and creative text magic. Let's create your online store of the future together!

🚀 Professional status

In the world of digital words, I am the Queen of Copywriting! With more than five years of experience, I am not just a copywriter, but a wizard of verbal formulas for successful online stores. My mission is to turn every brand into an online star.

🎯 Work experience

My journey began with creating exciting texts for small startups, and now my hand is reaching out to world-class projects. She has worked with numerous industries, from cosmetics to technology. My words don't just describe products, they take your sales to the next level!

🎓 Education

  • Diploma in Journalism and Media from Bright Feather University
  • Specialization in copywriting from the School of Text Virtuosos

🔧 Skills and competencies

My superpowers include:

  • Creating compelling copy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Hypnosis through words (just kidding! But who knows...)
  • Automation of copywriting processes

🏆 Achievements and awards

My words were published in magazines, my clients saw an increase in sales, and I even received "Magic of the Word" award at the international copywriting festival. Because when words become magic, results are just around the corner!

🌈 My view on work

I believe that every product has its own story, and my task is to tell it so that the hearts of customers skip a beat with delight. In my work I value creativity, courage and humor. After all, even the most serious product can be described with a smile!

🚀 Projects or clients

I have had the pleasure of working with brands such as:

  • 🌐 Global eco-friendly cosmetics store "GreenGlow"
  • 🚀 Startup for the production of innovative gadgets "TechWizards"
  • 🌈 Online gallery of unique works of art "ArtVibes"