Yuri Seleznev

Copyright specialist - Elbuz, 167 articles
I unravel the secrets of successful online store automation, plunging into the world of effective solutions and secrets of online business - welcome to my virtual labyrinth, where every line is the key to automated success!

Welcome to my world, where words are the most powerful tool for creating magic in the Internet space. My name is Yuri Seleznev, and I am not just a copywriter, but someone who adds soul and creativity to every virtual counter.

🌟 Work experience: A guide to the world of texts and ideas 📝

I have more than five years of experience in the world of copywriting, where every period, comma and heading is like a note in a symphony of successful sales. Worked with famous brands such as 🌐 Everything for the Home and 💻 TechnoVersum, creating content that makes people click and buy.

🎓 Education: M.A. in Language Arts 📚

My knowledge is enhanced by a Master's degree in Language Arts, which makes me a true wizard at playing with words and ideas.

🔥 Skills and competencies: My arsenal of a copywriting master 🔍

  • Creative thinking
  • SEO optimization of content
  • Sales through text
  • Analytics and market research
  • Emotional impact

🏆 Achievements and awards: My words are magic, confirmed by prizes 🌈

Was awarded the "Golden Pen" award for best e-commerce copywriting. My texts don't just sell products, they create legends!

🚀 My view on the work: Every text contains a piece of the soul ✨

I believe that high-quality content is not just words, but emotions that transport the reader to a world of amazing possibilities. Working with me, you don’t just order a text, but create a success story.

🌐 Projects and clients: My business card in the world of copywriting

  • Collaboration with 🚗 AutoMega in creating fascinating car descriptions.
  • Project with 🎮 GameSphere: words that turn a product into an adventure.
  • Strategic partnership with 🌿 EcoStyle: texts that inspire caring for nature.