Error uploading data: Query sql_query is empty (Sukhosin)

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The problem is in the hosting account settings. You have Suhosin for PHP installed. Suhosin is a Korean word, and also an open-source product designed to help webmasters and system administrators fight such a scourge as hackers.

You can read more about Suhosin on the product website: www.hardened-php. net/suhosin/index. html

At the moment, you can transfer no more than ~976kb of data to your site, according to the current hosting account settings. This is not enough to update the site with your PLI product catalog. The current size of your product catalog is ~1mb. You need to ask the administrator of your hosting company to increase the amount of data received through POST requests, in particular, change this parameter:

suhosin. post. max_value_length

There may be other options.

One solution to the problem is to limit the amount of data that PLIs transmit to the site by selecting a limited list of categories to update. But this is not a solution, rather an inconvenience.

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Error uploading data: Query sql_query is empty (Sukhosin)

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