24 April 2024 08:00 Eco-friendly products, Bicycle innovation
Revolutionary eco-friendly bike RCYL: plastic in action!

German company igus has unveiled the RCYL bicycle, made from recycled plastic including discarded fishing nets, providing an environmentally friend... read more

24 April 2024 08:00 Technology and Security
South Korea bans iPhone for military: a choice in favor of security

The South Korean military is considering a complete ban on the use of iPhones on military installations over fears of sensitive information being l... read more

23 April 2024 19:01 Technology and gadgets
Exclusive video of Google Pixel 8a: first look at the long-awaited smartphone

The long-awaited affordable Google Pixel 8a smartphone, expected at Google I/O 2024, is shown off in a new leak video, revealing its appearance and... read more

23 April 2024 19:01 TV and cinema
Kyivstar TV: free access to news and television viewing for residents of Kharkov

Kyivstar provides residents of the Kharkov region with free access to the cinema and TV platform for viewing Ukrainian information resources due to... read more

23 April 2024 18:01 Technology/Gadgets
Apple will unveil the new OLED iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Air at a special event on May 7

Apple is preparing to introduce new iPad models, including an improved iPad Pro with an organic LED display and a larger 12.9-inch iPad Air. Tablet... read more

23 April 2024 18:01 Technology, Business
Huawei is capturing the Chinese market while Apple is losing ground

Experts record growth in sales of Huawei smartphones in China, surpassing Apple. As Chinese manufacturers introduce AI technologies into new flagsh... read more

23 April 2024 18:01 Technology and video games
Streamer Adin Ross's deepfake made a fan smash his PlayStation 4 for falsely promising a PS5

Controversial streamer Adin Ross was the subject of a new incident: with the help of AI, his fans were tricked into destroying their own property f... read more

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