29 May 2024 08:00 Technologies and software
Netflix disables downloading content for offline viewing on Windows

Changes to the Netflix app for Windows may prevent users from downloading content for offline viewing, which will be a major inconvenience for many... read more

28 May 2024 20:00 Technology and Innovation
OpenAI has begun training the next generation of AI to create AGI

OpenAI has begun training a new cutting-edge artificial intelligence model that is superior to GPT-4. The company is committed to creating true art... read more

28 May 2024 18:38 Technologies/Artificial intelligence
OpenAI is preparing a revolutionary AI model on the way to AGI

OpenAI has begun preparing a new advanced AI model and formed a Security and Defense Committee, focusing on further development of capabilities tow... read more

28 May 2024 18:00 Technologies and startups
Ukrainian startup Bluedot has raised $600 thousand in investments for an AI extension for recording video conferences

Ukrainian startup Bluedot has created an extension for Google Chrome that records meetings in Google Meet using artificial intelligence. The compan... read more

28 May 2024 17:00 innovation, ecology, water resources
Like in the Star Wars movies: Indian startup extracts water from thin air

Hailing from arid regions, Indian entrepreneurs have developed an innovative technology for producing drinking water from humid air, inspired by va... read more

28 May 2024 15:38 Technologies, Startups, Mobile applications
The Ukrainian application Bubibo for pet owners has entered the markets of the USA, Mexico and Canada

Bubibo, an app for pet owners created by Ukrainian developers, is now available in the US, Mexico and Canada, offering different functionality depe... read more

28 May 2024 14:38 Technologies, cyber security, educational materials
From telegraph to deepfakes: how cyber fraudsters are stealing our peace of mind

A detailed account of the history of the development of cyber fraud from the telegraph system to modern deepfakes, as well as tips on how to protec... read more

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