20 May 2024 16:38 Technologies, News
Revolutionary changes from Apple at WWDC: how AI will change our devices

Apple will unveil its new artificial intelligence-based user experience features, particularly through its partnership with OpenAI, at the next ann... read more

20 May 2024 14:38 Technologies, Privacy, Ethics
Scandal: Slack uses user data without permission to train artificial intelligence

Slack uses private user data to improve the performance of its own artificial intelligence models without the permission of the data owners. Privac... read more

20 May 2024 12:00 Technology and gadgets
New M4 chip for Mac Studio and Mac Pro: expectations and realities

Apple won't upgrade its Mac Studio and Mac Pro computers to M4 chips until at least mid-2024, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported. Instead, these devi... read more

20 May 2024 11:38 Technology news and reviews
OpenAI Disbands AI Security Team: Implications for Industry

OpenAI has disbanded its AI security team due to the departure of its leaders, underscoring the importance of protecting and monitoring AI before a... read more

19 May 2024 19:00 Technical Reviews
iPad Pro M4 display defects: graininess and HDR issues

New iPad Pros with M4 are experiencing OLED screen issues, including grainy effects and HDR rendering errors on some blues, which may be due to man... read more

19 May 2024 17:00 Computer technology / Retro computers
An unexpected alliance: running Windows XP on an Intel 486 processor

A computer enthusiast managed to run the outdated Windows XP operating system on an old Intel i486 processor not designed for it by modifying the s... read more

19 May 2024 08:00 Science fiction, Modern technology
Greetings from Arrakis: Dune's recreated stillsuit works in real life

An engineering team has recreated the fluid collection suit from Frank Herbert's Dune, which is capable of converting moisture from sweat into drin... read more

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