How Meta will tag images created by other companies

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What are Meta's plans for AI-generated image labeling?

Meta plans to start tagging images that have been created by other companies using artificial intelligence.

On which platforms will Meta tag content?

Meta will tag images on Facebook, Instagram and Threads platforms.

Why does Meta want to warn users about AI-generated images?

These images, often extremely realistic, have actually been generated, so Meta is keen to warn users about this.

Which companies will be tagged on the Meta platform?

Once the new system is implemented, Meta will also tag images created by OpenAI, Microsoft, Adobe, Midjourney, Shutterstock and Alphabet's Google services.

What threats do generative technologies bring?

Generative AI technologies can create realistic fake content with embedded simple questions, so tech companies are working on a system that will reduce the negative effects of these technologies.

Will Meta tag audio and video content?

Yes, Meta plans to require users to self-label modified audio and video content, with penalties for non-compliance. The details of the punishment are not specified.

Will Meta mark up written texts produced by artificial intelligence tools?

There is currently no efficient mechanism for tagging written texts generated by artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT.

What are Meta's plans for GPUs?

Meta plans to purchase 350,000 H100 GPUs from Nvidia, together with other suppliers, Meta will assemble 600,000 chips.

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Meta Platforms will begin tagging other companies' AI-generated images. Details about this innovation in the blog of company president Nick Clegg.

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