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Prospects for upscaling in Windows 11: How Microsoft is implementing its version of DLSS

Microsoft is developing an AI-powered game scaling feature in Windows 11 similar to DLSS.

Scaling games in Windows 11 using AI

Similar to DLSS technology

Microsoft is preparing its own feature for scaling computer games in Windows 11 operating system using artificial intelligence. Social network user X PhantomOcean3 discovered this feature in the latest test versions of the operating system. Microsoft describes automatic resolution upscaling as a way to "use artificial intelligence to play supported games more smoothly with improved detail."

Technology analogues

A function similar to Nvidia Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology is also offered by AMD and Intel under the names FSR and XeSS, respectively. All of these technologies use artificial intelligence to improve graphics quality, increase frame rates and increase image detail, The Verge reports.

Prospects for upscaling in Windows 11 How Microsoft is implementing its version of DLSS

Unofficial information

The new ability to increase game resolution in Windows 11 has not yet been officially announced by Microsoft. It's unclear how this feature will work or whether any special hardware is required to use it. Nvidia's DLSS technology uses Tensor Cores, which are only found on RTX graphics cards. Similar features like AMD's FSR and Intel's XeSS require their own hardware.

Improved color management for Windows 11

In addition to the game scaling feature, Microsoft is working on an improved color management feature for Windows 11. This feature will be especially useful for users who who have the latest OLED monitors with HDR support. Windows has long lacked convenient color management tools, forcing users to add their own color profiles through an old dialog box that doesn't meet modern standards.

With the new update, a new “Color Management” section has become available for Windows Insiders (build 26052), which is located in Settings > System > Display > Color Management. Thanks to this section, users will be able to add and remove color profiles, set defaults and much more! pic.twitter.com/T05KvasqfO

— DirectX 12 (@DirectX12) February 8, 2024

Improved color management

A future Windows 11 update will include an integrated color management tool located in the main display settings. This will allow users to set color profiles for sRGB and DCI-P3.


  • Microsoft is a corporation that develops software and hardware components
  • Windows 11 is the latest version of the operating system from Microsoft
  • DLSS - Deep Learning Super Sampling technology from Nvidia
  • AMD - company, manufacturer of processors and video cards
  • Intel is an international company, a manufacturer of semiconductors and computer components
  • FSR - FidelityFX Super Resolution technology from AMD
  • XeSS - Xe Super Sampling technology from Intel


Answers to questions

What is Microsoft doing in Windows 11?

Microsoft is developing an AI-powered game scaling feature in Windows 11, similar to DLSS.

How does the game scaling feature work in Windows 11?

Game upscaling in Windows 11 uses artificial intelligence to automatically increase the resolution of games, resulting in smoother playback with improved detail.

Which companies also offer AI scaling features?

AMD and Intel also offer AI scaling capabilities called FSR and XeSS, respectively.

What does Enhanced Color Management do in Windows 11?

Enhanced Color Management for Windows 11 allows users to control color profiles and is especially useful for users with HDR-capable OLED monitors.

Where can I find more information about the new features in Windows 11?

For more information about new features in Windows 11, check out articles on The Verge, as well as social media posts like Twitter.

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Microsoft is preparing a feature to automatically upscale games in Windows 11 using AI, similar to DLSS.

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