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Controlling the addition of new attributes

If you use several sources to search for product descriptions, then a situation inevitably arises when the same attributes appear, which are called differently.

For example, you already have the "Diagonal" attribute, you are looking for a description for a new product and this attribute is called "Screen Size" on the source site, when saving data, the system checks the uniqueness of the attributes by name, in this example a new attribute "Screen Size" will be created. It is possible to create lists of attribute synonyms later, in order to combine the same attributes, but this approach is good when there are already duplicates in the database.

It is possible to control the creation of new attributes before they are saved, for this, the "Magnet" icon is displayed in the content search window with the number of new attributes that will be created after clicking on the "Save" button.
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To match the site attributes with the attributes of the base directory, double-click on the field "Name of the attribute of the base directory" and select the required attribute from the drop-down list, after that the system will remember the link and will use your settings in the future.
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You can also set a base directory field to copy values into this field when saving descriptions (for example, you might have a Manufacturer attribute and a Manufacturer field). If you do not want to store the value in any attribute, set the "Ignore" flag.

By default, the grid displays a list of only new attributes received from the site, but it may be necessary to display a complete list to configure ignoring and matching fields, for this you need to click the "Show all attributes" button
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You can view the current lists of attribute relationships by opening the "List of Mapped Attributes" tab
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