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How to manually install the Jumper extension for web scraping in the Google Chrome browser

If the Jumper extension link doesn't work in the Chrome Store, you can install it manually.

How to run a Chrome extension not from the WebStore

  1. Download the extension from this link. The extension is in the archive.
  2. Unpack the extension.

    A folder containing the contents of the archive will appear.
  3. Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  4. Open the browser menu. Three vertical dots in the upper right corner. Go to More Tools > Extensions. Or enter the browser line chrome://extensions
  5. Toggle the "Developer Mode" toggle switch to the "on" position, which is located in the upper right corner of the "Extensions" page.
  6. Click on the "Load unpacked extension" button.
  7. Find the unpacked folder with the extension, select it and click "Select Folder".

Ready. We have manually installed the Jumper extension in the Google Chrome browser.


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