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Error uploading file to FTP server (list of FTP response codes)

When a file is uploaded to the specified FTP server, the log shows the status of the upload, based on this status, you can understand the cause of the problem if the file is not uploaded to the FTP server.
Error uploading file to FTP server list of FTP response codes
In this example, the code 226 is indicated; it means: closing the channel, the exchange was completed successfully.

List of FTP response codes
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1 Semantics
1. 1 First position
1. 2 Second position
1. 3 Third position
2 Full list of FTP server response codes
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The FTP server response to any FTP server command consists of three digits. Consider the meaning of each digit in each position.

First position
One means that the command has been accepted for execution, but has not yet been completed.
A two means that the command completed successfully.
Three indicates that the command has been accepted and any additional command is expected.
Four indicates that the command cannot be executed at the moment
Five means the fundamental impossibility of executing the command

Second position
Zero corresponds to a syntax error
The unit corresponds to the informational message
A 2 indicates that the message is for either a control connection or a data connection.
The triple corresponds to messages about user authentication and its rights
The value of four is not defined
Five corresponds to the status message of the file system

third position
The third digit finally specifies the error.

Complete list of FTP server response codes

Code Description
100 Requested action initiated, wait for next response before executing new command.
110 Comment
120 Function will be implemented in nnn minutes
125 Channel open, communication started
150 File status is correct, preparing to open a channel
200 Command valid
202 Command not supported
211 System status or query response
212 Directory Status
213 File Status
214 Help explanatory message
215 Displayed with system information on the SYST command
220 Service ready for new user.
221 Successful termination with quit
225 Channel formed but no communication
226 Closing channel, exchange completed successfully
227 Switch to passive mode (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2).
228 Transition to long passive mode (long address, port).
229 Entering extended passive mode (|||port|).
230 User identified, continue
231 User session ended; Service terminated.
232 End session command accepted, will end when file transfer completes.
250 Request successful
257 "PATH" created.
331 Username correct, password needed
332 Authentication required to login
350 Requested file action requires more information
404 This remote server was not found
421 Procedure not possible, channel is closing
425 Information channel cannot be opened
426 Channel closed, exchange aborted
434 The requested host is not available
450 The requested function is not implemented, the file is not available, for example, it is busy
451 Local error, operation aborted
452 Error writing file (not enough space)
500 Syntax error, command cannot be interpreted (maybe too long)
501 Syntax error (bad parameter or argument)
502 Command not used (illegal MODE type)
503 Unsuccessful command sequence
504 Command not applicable for this parameter
530 Login failed! Authorization required (not logged in)
532 Authentication required to store file
550 Requested function not implemented, file not available, e. g. not found
551 Requested operation aborted. Unknown page type.
552 The requested operation was aborted. Insufficient memory allocated
553 The requested operation was not accepted. Invalid file name.

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Error uploading file to FTP server (list of FTP response codes)

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