How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace?

Consider in the article the opportunity to make money on the sale of products on the Epicenter site: from creating a website to increasing sales by automating an online store.

How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions

Epicenter is the largest offline retailer marketplace in Ukraine, which was opened in 2020. Despite the fact that it is part of the store website -, it is a separate independent structure with its own team and processes. The Epicenter marketplace platform allows sellers to get into their niche and start earning quickly.

Market turnover Epicenter in Ukraine (numbers)

  • More than 20 million users visit every month.
  • At the end of March 2021, the number of sellers on the platform exceeded 1,500.
  • The marketplace hosts more than 200,000 products in 1,300 Epicenter categories in the following sections: Auto Products, Cottage, Garden and Vegetable Garden, Pet Products, Children's Products, Home and Interior, Tools and Equipment, Stationery, Beauty and Health, Furniture, Lighting, Plumbing, Sporting Goods, Goods for Business and Goods for Tourism.
  • Dynamics of growth in the number of orders over the past six months
    How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions
  • It is expected that by the beginning of the summer, sellers will be able to place products in all categories existing at Epicenter. Their list can be viewed here .
  • There are also categories in which only marketplace products are placed. Among them: acoustic materials, dietary supplements, yoga products, car toys, watches and accessories, tourist low shoes, guitar straps, women's sportswear, kitchen textiles, tourist thermal underwear, fitness and training, as well as curtains and cornices.
  • A seller with a large assortment of products at Epicenter M can receive, on average, from 70 to 100 orders per day.
  • The average check on the marketplace is 980 UAH. But there are categories where it is much higher - in plumbing, the average check is 1715 UAH, and in furniture - 2612 UAH.

Forecasts are favorable and in favor of creating an online store website today. Consider the option of creating a site on the platform

Who can become a seller of "Epicenter M"

In order to start working with the Epicenter marketplace, you must have a registered individual entrepreneur of any form of taxation, except for group 1 of the simplified system, or TOV. Also - all the necessary documents on the economic activities of the company, giving the right to sell products and certificates of conformity of the quality of products with the current legislation.

Other requirements include:

  • the presence of its own warehouse, since the marketplace does not cooperate with dropshippers;
  • quality original product. "Epicenter M" prohibits the sale of replica products and any other dubious quality;
  • the products sold must comply with the requirements of regulatory documents and current legislation;
  • willingness to promptly process incoming orders, communicate with customers if necessary and comply with consumer protection law.

How to create a website on Epicenter UA

At the initial stage of creating a store at Epicenter UA, some difficulties may arise, however, if you understand its functionality and use special software to automate the management of an online store you can perform all routine tasks in just a couple of clicks.

How to register on the platform?
Registration on the marketplace takes place in a closed format, so first you need to submit an application. To do this, go to the website and click on the “Start selling on the marketplace” button at the very bottom of the page.
How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions

Next, you will be redirected to a page with a button "Fill in the application".
How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions
How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions
After filling out the form, a marketplace specialist will contact you, who will conduct an initial consultation on the requirements for sellers and sales on the platform. Then managers check whether there are your positions for sale in already open categories or in those that will open in the near future, assess compliance with the above requirements and make a conclusion about the possibility of further cooperation. If everything is in order, you will be sent a contract.
After signing the contract, you will need to make an initial payment in the amount of UAH 1,001 to your account (the amount of the initial payment is indicated at the time of publication of the article) - the Epicenter marketplace works according to the CPS model. This means that the system deducts a commission from the seller at the time of ordering the products on the site and writes it off 14 days after the buyer receives the goods.
For each product sold on the marketplace, the system will deduct a percentage of its value from your balance. It depends on the category of products and can range from 7% to 20%. The average for most categories is 15%.
Next, you will get access to your personal account, as well as a personal manager who will help you deal with the establishment of goods, and will give all the necessary instructions for further work with the platform.

Product promotion

Currently, the marketplace does not offer advertising placements. But sellers have the opportunity to use special functions built into the account for promotion. For example, discounts on products or free shipping - these labels are displayed on the window and attract more customers.

“The main rule of successful promotion is a good assortment and a large number of available products,” they say in Epicenter.

Also on the marketplace there is a "Seller's Page" - this is a page with the products of a particular seller, a link to which he can send to his potential buyers to get acquainted with the full range and select the products they are interested in.

Plans for the development of the Epicenter marketplace

All sellers now have the opportunity to send products at a very low rate through the marketplace's logistics partner, the postal operator Ukrposhta. Thanks to this, there are more options for free delivery of products to customers.

Further plans:

  • connect card payments;
  • provide an opportunity to use Epicenter fulfillment centers for placing products and processing orders without the participation of the seller;
  • significantly reduce the time between the creation of a product in the seller's account and its appearance on the showcase;
  • provide an opportunity for convenient correspondence between the seller and call center managers and buyers;
  • start importing products without the help of a personal manager.

Difficulties with creating a store on Epicenter UA

For the full-fledged operation of the online store at Epicenter UA, it is necessary to regularly update the assortment, add products, and maintain current prices. To figure out how to do it manually, the Epicenter UA platform provides instructions:

  • Manually enter information about each commodity item
  • Download data about products and services from a pre-prepared Excel file
  • Load data from XML and YML files supported by most price aggregators

The program from Elbuz - adds products, updates prices and much more for the store to work at Epicenter UA automatically!


Advantages of the program for loading products on from Elbuz

With just one Elbuz program, you can solve almost all tasks related to filling a trading resource with content:

  • Carry out bulk import of xml products on with photos, descriptions, technical characteristics;
  • Set an automatic update schedule based on vendor availability and price changes.
  • Completely eliminate errors associated with manually filling the resource with content.
  • Compare your price with the prices of other sellers and form profitable offers for buyers.
  • At times speed up the filling of the trading platform (from 2000 cards per day) and adapt them to a specific design.
  • Save money on paying for a content manager and inexpensively maintain your online platform (a copywriter's salary is €500/month, and the program rental is only €87). The funds spent will pay off in the first month of work.

Difficulty in self-loading or unloading products on

It is difficult for an inexperienced user to understand from the first time how to unload products on The most common problems associated with filling the site with content are:

  • The problem of choosing a quality file for uploading.
    The filling of resources created on is carried out in the price list format with the XML extension, however, some documents are not uploaded to the portal or are only partially uploaded, and as a result, you again have to return to the manual method of creating cards.
  • Low quality technical support.
    Due to the huge number of users on the marketplace, it can take a long time to wait for help from a technical specialist, and besides, support answers do not always help to solve the problem the first time.
  • The impossibility of mass adding.
    When collaborating with multiple vendors that provide prices in non-XML formats, all data must be added manually one at a time or in small groups.
  • Lack of knowledge about the promotion of an online store.
    Many beginners expect that as soon as they fill their online store with a product range, a queue of buyers will immediately rush to them. In fact, without proper advertising, SEO optimization and studying the needs of your target audience, you should not count on big sales.

Elbuz automation software comes to the rescue

The first step is to receive products from the website and load them into the program. Exporting products from to Elbuz for further processing is quite simple. To do this, just save the product file in XLSX format (or CSV, XML) and add it to the software by clicking on the “Upload to catalog” button.

Want to quickly understand how the program works? Write questions about working with the program to mail or skype chat

Try it for free, skype - elbuzgroup


Step-by-step instructions for uploading products to (update)

Your product catalog can be updated with information obtained from the price lists of suppliers and competitors' websites (descriptions, photos, specifications).

To import the updated data back to the store, you must perform the following procedure:

  1. Click “+” in the “Upload catalog” window and select the desired file extension.
    elbuz etrade jumper export products
    or by selecting the menu item
    elbuz etrade jumper export products

    Next, click "+" and select the format " (XML)"
    How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions
  2. Setup completed, you can upload the file
    How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions

If necessary, you can make changes to the XML upload template, but as a rule, the basic settings are enough to export products to the Epicenter UA portal. To correct it, you need to switch to the editing mode (the button with the image of a pencil).
How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructionsHow to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions

Integration of the Elbuz program

ElbuzGroup is a leading developer of software solutions for online trading. Over 14 years of work in this area, a unique IT product has been created, which has already been purchased and appreciated by more than 9,000 customers, and their number is constantly increasing. The innovative development of Elbuz helps to fill the online store with high-quality content and update it automatically.

The software is able to process not only information from the price lists of suppliers, but also data from competing online sites in order to optimize the pricing of its trading platform and increase turnover and consistently make a profit. The service freely integrates with the platform, allows you to massively upload the product range and keep it up to date. The program also has ready-made modules: price parser, Yandex Market price parser which will allow you to create product catalogs from scratch and monitor competitors' prices.

Quick product update on the website, a simple solution in the program from Elbuz


Possibility of exporting products to your website Epicenter UA

It is possible to automatically export products for Epicenter UA according to a schedule, including the export of:

  • categories
  • goods
  • characteristics
  • descriptions
  • pictures

Schedule setting

This function will give you the opportunity to generate a file according to a schedule. When exporting the Epicenter ua file, a permanent link will be created, which can be specified in the Epicenter ua personal account and update the portal as needed
elbuz etrade jumper export products xls

How to impose a restriction on uploading data

You can shorten the list of products for export to the Epicenter UA portal, specify the conditions under which products should be unloaded, for example, it can be a certain category of products or the status "In stock", more details.
How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions

How to update the products of the marketplace (XML format)

To upload data to the site in XML format, you need to create a file in Elbuz, to do this, select the desired template and click the "Upload" button

Next, download the file or copy the link to it, then open the personal account of the trading platform, go to the menu "Products and services" -> "Import positions", then you need to select the file created in Elbuz

Uploading values in multiple languages
In the product card, you can indicate the name and fill in other fields in Ukrainian. There is also an automatic translation function.
How to start selling your products on the Epicenter marketplace and start earning instructions
To dump these values, use macro substitutions:
Name - {name_ua}
Short description - {description_short_ua}
Full description - {description_full_ua}

Epicenter instructions

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