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The growth of the client base with the development of the company will certainly lead to an increase in the number of service calls and applications. At the development stage, company managers can record calls in Excel spreadsheets or programs with limited functionality. This approach takes place when processing several dozen calls per day. However, as soon as the flow reaches a hundred, situations arise that negatively affect the quality of service and customer loyalty.

By implementing the latest IT solutions, businesses strive to optimize costs, increase productivity and work quality, this will allow:

  • reduce the average processing time of an appeal, speed up the work of operators of various support lines;
  • automate routine tasks, which will reduce labor costs, reduce operating costs and staff of operators;
  • improve the reputation of the company due to high customer loyalty, which is achieved through the rapid resolution of problems.

The success of the company largely depends on the loyalty and reputation of the brand in the market. Companies carefully monitor negative cases and reviews on social networks and on various forums. Using the automation platform will allow you to:

  • exclude situations when the application was lost or the operator forgot to re-contact;
  • provide the client with the opportunity to register requests and control the progress of execution independently using the self-service portal;
  • fill out applications via a communication channel convenient for the client, evaluate the work of the operator.

The introduction of new technologies is often accompanied by skepticism and unwillingness to use them on the part of employees. It is important to convey that the system will help them improve their own KPIs, in addition to:

  • ease of use - all working tools in a single interface, there is no need to constantly switch between programs;
  • control of own performance indicators - the number of processed applications, average time, rating from the client and any other data on the work;
  • work with queues of requests, delegation of authority and assignment of an application to a responsible person;
  • improving own KPIs due to faster and better processing of incoming customer requests.

Automated support service for the operation of a modern online store

The Elbuz technical support service from Elbuz allows you to organize customer flow in the most optimal way and greatly facilitate the processing of incoming requests using many different tools:

  • Form for the formulation of applications to the service. You can compose a question and get its solution in a way convenient for you.
  • Placement on the site of an online store of useful articles thanks to which the consumer will independently try to deal with common problems, place an order and delivery, make a payment, make a return, etc.
  • Mobile version of the resource with the ability to write or call helpdesk from a phone, tablet or other portable device quickly and easily.
  • Page with public answers to the most common user questions .

To provide high-quality and timely assistance to customers of online stores, our software has the following features:

  • filters in helpdesk and automation of processing from incoming requests ;
  • saving a complete history of customer requests with the ability to quickly search the database;
  • feedback systemthat allows customers to evaluate specialists, keep statistics on the effectiveness of the service and take appropriate measures if such a need arises;
  • constantly updating the database of frequently asked questions and possible solutions, posting them on your resource in the public domain;
  • an application to the service department of the online store through the official pages of the business in popular social networks.

The presence of a quality service system makes the business open to a wide audience, increases loyalty to the store and ultimately increases profitability. For a business owner, saas helpdesk greatly facilitates communication with customers and allows you to quickly respond to their incoming requests. An online store can be created based on our SaaS platform .

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When is customer support needed in an online store?

The organization of a support service is necessary already at the time of launching an online store. In this case, it will be possible to start a business and make it profitable with minimal resources and time. It is given the opportunity to build customer loyalty from the first request, quickly resolve all emerging issues and problems in order to avoid negative reviews and maintain a positive image of the company from the first day.
Automation of the support service for online stores

In today's realities of tough and not always fair competition, the availability of support is a prerequisite for the effective functioning of the company, regardless of its scale and form of ownership. Organization of helpdesk requires a serious approach, it is necessary to maintain a prestigious and positive image of the company in the market. Regardless of the CRM on which the online store operates, daily service and communication with customers must be of high quality. The very same support for sites on Bitrix, support for sites on magento, or helpdesk on any other resource management system will be approximately identical and can be carried out through third-party cloud services, such as E-trade from Elbuz.

It is possible to consider a system of communication with consumers of high quality if the following conditions are met:

  • The minimum number of redirects between different consultants and departments of the company. All issues should be resolved by the manager who accepted the application from the customer, who, if necessary, can contact other specialists to quickly resolve the problem.
  • Prompt response to requests - waiting time should be kept to a minimum, it is best when it is possible to contact the support service and get a response to your request online. If the buyer's request cannot be resolved immediately, it is necessary to clearly orient him in terms of the final decision and try to do everything possible to make the decision as quick as possible.
  • Multilingual service - the client must receive a solution regardless of the language of the appeal, regardless of the region of service. To do this, the service department must have a manager who speaks several languages or an integrated online translator that allows you to form a response in a user-friendly language.
  • Well-coordinated work in any conditions - customers must quickly receive a response even with a large number of calls and requests, for example, after interruptions in the operation of the resource or during promotions and sales. To do this, you can increase the number of employees processing applications or sort requests into categories and respond to them in bulk.

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Benefits of our customer support request management system

The presence of technical support services at an online store has a number of advantages for its owner:

  • minimizes the number of meaningless phone and chat conversations;
  • allows you to limit the number of questions and comments in one application, in order to facilitate the management of requests, their sorting, analytics and further consultation by specialists whose competence relates to a particular issue;
  • provides an opportunity to correspond with clients autonomously from other services, and entrust this functionality to an individual employee with limited access.

Automation of the support service for online stores
The cost of technical support using Elbuz services is quite affordable, especially given its positive impact on the reputation and image of the company on the network. Prices for online store site support services may vary depending on the functionality used (query sorting, reporting, etc. ), and other factors. At the same time, there is a demo version of the product that allows you to evaluate the software and try its functionality completely free of charge for 14 days of the trial period.

Using our service will help streamline the activities of the customer support system, making it efficient and effective. The software will help organize work with applications from the day the online store opens and automate most of the routine processes as much as possible so that the customer is satisfied not only with the purchased goods, but also with the quality of service.


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