The task is to parse partner sites automatically and add them to our site. Implementation case for WordPress WooCommerce (Wordpress WooCommerce).

The task is to parse partner sites automatically and add information to us in WordPress WooCommerce: price availability photo description short / full and if there are new products, then also show them in a separate folder

Implementation of the Elbuz Jumper system

Your tasks can be solved - easily! How to work with the Elbuz Jumper system, you first need to download the basic product catalog, you can download it from your site, there is a ready-made integration module for WooCommerce. Obtaining a catalog is necessary to supplement your product catalog with new products from the websites of your partners or competitors.
After receiving the product catalog, you need to set up parsers for the sites of your suppliers or competitors, after which you will always have the opportunity to receive new products and add them to your site, along with prices, photos, descriptions. How to set up an online store parser is described here.

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