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How to open your own online weapons store: trade specifics

Opening your own online store from scratch selling sports and training weapons is a narrow-profile and specific business. The demand for products of this kind is constantly growing, especially in large cities, while the sale of products does not require any permits from the state, as for the creation of a weapons store selling firearms, whose activity on the Internet is theoretically impossible. Nevertheless, the lack of significant competition, the need to equip specialized premises for its storage and obtain permits give a good start to creating an online store from scratch for the sale of sports and training weapons.

On the territory of Russia, the sale of firearms (traumatic) weapons is due to rather strict legislation of the Russian Federation, which provides for clear requirements not only for its sale, transportation and storage, but also for obtaining, first of all, the relevant licenses and certificates from state bodies of the Russian Federation that control the turnover of weapons. In this regard, such trading activities on the Internet are completely excluded. But the sale of sports and training weapons (pneumatics) is completely allowed to persons over the age of 18, but it must be remembered that the transportation and carrying of pneumatic weapons in running order within settlements is prohibited.

To create an online store selling unlicensed (sports and training) weapons, it is necessary to legalize your activities by registering a legal entity (LLC) - a limited liability company. The trust of any regulatory authorities in such business entities is always higher, and the taxation system allows you to choose a more profitable and simplified form of tax deductions: with high profitability, you will be better off paying only 6% of deductions from income, and with low profitability - 15% of operating profit; In any case, it all depends on your estimated income. To successfully solve the tasks set, you should draw up a business plan for the enterprise, which will provide for all the features and calculations of the future trading activities of the created online store.

Further, if necessary, you will need to rent a room that can act as both an office and a warehouse. Naturally, the premises should be well guarded, because the product itself has a specific feature; in addition, office equipment is needed for the sale of goods, so the presence of an alarm and security is of paramount importance. Accessible transport interchange (for receiving and sending goods); the absence of serious violations detected by state regulatory authorities (state supervision, sanitary and epidemiological station, etc. ) in the rented premises - you should also pay attention to this.

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When applying for a job of employees: a manager-consultant, an administrator of a created online store, it is necessary that they provide not only a package of necessary documents for applying for a job, but also certificates of no criminal record from the police department in your district. For such positions, it is better to take reserve officers or persons who have encountered weapons in practice and can provide qualified advice to the buyer. As for the salaries of employees: You must warn them in advance that at first they will only be paid an interest rate, but as the created online store develops and sales increase, their income will increase accordingly.

To attract regular customers, it is advisable to include a system of bonuses, discounts and promotions in it at the stage of creating a business plan: this way you will ensure interest in your self-created site. Consider also the option of cooperation with masters - gunsmiths who manufacture author's crossbows, bows, knives: the quality and name of the master can very significantly attract buyers to your site, you just need to remember one simple condition: each product must have a conclusion that it is not recognized as firearms, cold or cold-throwing weapons. The conclusion is issued by the forensic center (laboratory) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia; and obtaining it is beneficial only in the case of mass or serial production. Offer them the placement of copyright weapons on your site.

As for the assortment of products for the created online store: You need to take care of filling it with pneumatic weapons, consumables, holsters, cases, belts, knives, bows and crossbows. This is the basis, and you do not have to have this product in stock, you can start working on the dropshipping system (when placing an order, the product is purchased from the supplier).

ElbuzGroup will help you not only fill your website with a specific product (photos, characteristics, descriptions) with the help of a series of E-Trade products, but also:

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As you can see, creating your own online store does not cause any particular difficulties, and interaction with the ElbuzGroup company and its E-Trade products, according to experts, increases the profit of the enterprise up to 30%. The company provides a wide range of turnkey services, including promotion and full support of the site, so you don’t need to limit yourself to just creating an online store from scratch: contact the specialists, and you are guaranteed success!

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